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Why You Need To Get Dashcam Installed In Your Car

A dashcam is a high-tech ELD that captures the road ahead of you via the windshield and, with two dashcams, the back of your vehicle. Dashcams aren't just for catching funny or exciting situations while driving. In addition, they are supposed to serve as supporting evidence. For legal purposes, a dashcam may record reckless driving; for security reasons, it can record an attempted automobile theft.

There are several advantages to using a dashcam besides complying with the FMCSA's stringent road safety standards.

To keep out of accidents.

Some more expensive dash cameras have several helpful safety features that might make you a more conscientious motorist overall. For instance, they could be equipped with a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) that sounds an alarm if the driver strays from the designated lane. Using GPS technology, some cameras may also alert drivers to the locations of red light and speed cameras. Some dashcams can even sync up with a cloud service, so if anything terrible happens while you are driving, your loved ones will be notified.

You can use it as evidence.

Having a dash cam on hand will provide valuable evidence if you are involved in or witness an automobile accident. In the United Kingdom, dash cam video is often recognized as evidence. Because of this, they may be used to report risky and irresponsible drivers to reduce the likelihood of more incidents. Using a dashboard camera may aid in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals before any serious consequences arise.

To make your car safe in parking areas.

When you park your vehicle and turn off the engine, the parking mode on your dash cam will allow it to continue recording. As a result, you may use your dash cam to keep an eye out for suspicious activity even when you're not in the vehicle. If your car is struck or, even worse, driven outside of an authorized area, specific dash cameras may send notifications to your smartphone.

Knowing they are being observed might also serve as a deterrent to crooks. However, if you want to use this function, you need to have an extra battery installed, such as the Thinkware iVolt External Battery Pack, which has an Energy Saving Mode.

Reduced insurance premiums.

Some insurance companies, seeing the preventive value of a dash cam, provide discounts to policyholders who install such devices in their vehicles. Aviva was the first company to provide this, and now all drivers who p