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What iTaskApp as a Software can do for you?

iTaskApp has everything for you. We connect with our clients through our website and app. Are you curious about what our platform can offer you? Then keep on reading to find out more!

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Making you love,
your everyday tasks

We have solutions to every home problems

We understand the value of your time and we hate to see you bothered by minute tasks, you don't have the expertise to do. That is the reason why we exist, we are committed to give your time to yourself and to your family, however you want to spend it and leave the small things behind to us. 

We have over


And counting...

Service providers who are happy to do your tasks

Here's how you can book an iTasker

Decide on the task you need to get done, head on to www.itask.com to book your first task

following the guided steps below

Enter the keyword of the service you decide to book


"Appliance repair"

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Enter a Keyword

Specify which task

Specify which task you wish to get done, and choose from the service list provided.

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Choose a Options of booking

Once you have chosen a specific task, you will be directed to the 'New Task' page. Pick the type of task you wish to proceed. Details of the task you have chosen are provided. Read each carefully to avoid wrong bookings

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Get familiar with Options for Booking

Enter Details

After deciding for a Booking Option, enter necessary details for the iTasker as a guide for the task requested. 

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Wait for Confrimation

iTaskers will review your request before accepting. Ensure the details you provided are correct and clear. 

Once an iTasker accepts your request, you will be given a chance to connect via built-in chat box to thoroughly communicate your concern. You can also exchange pictures and videos.

Connect with iTasker

iTasker proceeds to get the job done

iTasker then proceeds to location, this may vary task to task, some tasks may require prior inspection before moving in to production. 

Handyman on the Phone

Receive invoice and pay

You will be provided an invoice once you confirms the job is done


Happy iTasker is an extension of iTaskApp. A service providing directory that allows you to connect with people who demands for a specific services. 

iTaskBlog on the other hand is an avenue for people to connect and share everyday-life-problems and discusses solutions. We are a company that believes solution should not be hard to find.

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