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What material is best for kitchen counter-top?

So, you went to your kitchen looking for food or snacks, but you suddenly have the urge to change your countertop while looking at it. When a countertop is damaged, burned, discoloured, or otherwise unappealing, it can completely transform a kitchen. A new laminate countertop's price per square foot may be as low as $5. On the other hand, quartz, granite, or recycled glass might easily cost ten times as much. The questions are infinite, but the most important one is this: what material will provide you the finest mix of beauty, style, and maintenance?

The design world is such a hard place to live in, with so many things to consider and apply. But the point of this is getting the best result you can have. The choice of countertop is also a matter of personal preference. The first step in creating a kitchen that works for you is choosing a countertop surface material you like using. The countertops serve as both a background and a focal point in every kitchen, taking up a significant amount of visible space. And the materials and alternatives you pick, such as unbreakable composite slabs or handcrafted tiles, are both functional and aesthetic in their own way.

This article will help you choose the suitable material for your countertop because with the many options right there, it's hard to pick the perfect material that will suit your home and style.


Granite is one of the toughest and most resistant to wear and tear among natural stones. As a result, it's perfect for busy family kitchens that also need a little bit of opulence. Regular resealing of granite will be necessary to keep it in good condition. Granit is simply the crystalized form of magma heated to high temperatures.


  • Value does not depreciate with granite countertops.

  • For the most part, the surface is natural, although it has an almost luminescent appearance.

  • Granite is an excellent way to increase the value of your property.

  • Granite is hygienic since it doesn't harbor germs.

  • It can withstand the heat of a pan since it is made via heat and pressure.

  • Warm water and a light detergent are all you need to clean it.


  • Granite countertops are impenetrable and will never need to be replaced. Changing the color of a counter is not an option, so you'll either have to learn to live with it or tear out the whole thing.

  • A consistent appearance is not guaranteed with granite since each slab is unique.

  • Granite is a pricey material, to begin with, and the labor-intensive process of installing it may cost up to three times as much.

  • If you seal the granite with an existing stain, it will be permanently discolored.

  • A meat cleaver or other hard, sharp item might cause it to break.

  • Granite often needs extra structural support when it comes to spans and cantilevers due to its weight.

  • Granite is difficult to remove from cabinets after it has been cemented on, and doing so may cause harm to the cabinets as a consequence.