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What Brings Luck to your Home in 2022

Updated: May 10, 2023

People have been doing New Year's Eve rituals for centuries in the hopes that they may bring them good fortune in the next year. A wide variety of activities have been put in place by many civilizations for the enjoyment of everyone. You have the option of treating yourself to something extraordinary, such as grapes or devoting more time to housekeeping. Because they are so simple to do, these superstitions should bring good fortune next year.

Even if you don't follow these guidelines, you may still enter the new year with open minds and hearts. As long as you put in the time and effort to establish good habits, you have the opportunity to achieve a great deal of personal progress and fulfillment throughout the year.

In search of some good fortune in your own home? But who doesn't desire a little bit of good luck in their lives? Starting to make plans for the year 2022 is never too early.

Power setting

Your furniture's back shouldn't be facing the entrance if you're following Feng Shui principles. Install a mirror on the other wall if you can't find a solution to this problem. However, this does not apply to bedrooms since you do not want your bed facing the entrance to your home at night.

Furniture placement in a Feng Shui home is meticulously planned to maintain a particular flow of good energy in the house. Maintain a clear route to the entryway by keeping furniture away from the wall and placing lights or shelves in the sharp corners. Feng Shui concepts may be applied to any room or apartment by following the advice in the following paragraphs.


Keep an elephant figurine or throw cushion depicting an elephant outside your front entrance to ward off evil spirits, or decorate your living room with an elephant-themed throw pillow. Seeing an elephant with its trunk up is considered lucky in many cultures throughout the globe.

Bamboo Plants

One of the most popular feng shui treatments for bad luck is the bamboo plant. In addition to being a clever addition to your house, this plant is said to improve your mood and offer you happiness and good fortune. Palms, orchids, and money trees are also good luck symbols.

The Color of Your Front Door

Good fortune isn't only about what you keep in your home, but how it looks from the outside as well. The color red has a long history of religious and cultural connotations, making it a popular option for front door trim. Earth tones for the east; reds and yellows for the south; soft neutrals for the west; and deep, dark tones for the north are the colors that should be used on your door in feng shui.

Livingroom layout

It is recommended that you place your couch against a wall and avoid blocking any entrances with your furniture, according to feng shui. Make sure your rooms are clutter-free and that they get as much natural light and ventilation as possible. To activate "wealth energy," it's recommended to place a light in the corner of the room opposite the entrance.

The living room is an excellent place to start if you want to ensure a steady flow of Chi in your house. When arranging the furniture in your living room, there are a few things to keep in mind, which you can learn more about below.

Change of Wall Paint

You may create a serene atmosphere in your house by using soothing shades of pale blue. If possible, avoid bright, contrasting colors, which might cause tension. Consider using green in your kitchen or home office if you find it difficult to focus.

Soft Linens

Having soft materials in your house may not be good luck in the conventional sense, but research suggests that it might help you relax and unwind.

Bedroom Layouts

The furniture arrangement in a bedroom should match the form of the space. There should be enough room beneath the bed for the Chi to flow freely. Hence the bed's legs should be of medium size. According to Feng Shui, the first thing a person should view after waking up is something nice.

Using feng shui guidelines that have an almost mystical influence on your house may quickly bring good fortune into your life. The following are a few lucky charms and home improvement projects to try for good luck in your home. Whether you live in a classic or contemporary house, you may use this product effortlessly.