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Ways to live a Sustainable Lifestyle

Updated: May 5, 2023

Considering that every actions we create in this world has. corresponding consequences. Let's for a example; shopping for your late night dinner, commuting to work & doing your skincare routine at night. All of these things require resources and these resources, once consumed and used they all lead to one place,- the Trash. Yes, the Bin.

Do you every think where all these things end up to? The shampoo you purchased form 2003 and you end up coming its way back to you, still in the same plastic material when you used it. These things, don't decomposed very well in time and may end up taking much time on earth than we do. So looking for ways to live a sustainable lifestyle is not just a new century fad. It is a whole movement for change. A movement for shift so the trash that we create will not outnumber us in the coming years.

Here are SIMPLE ways we can do daily to live a sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Skip plastic water bottles and buy a reusable bottle

This well save you a couple of dollars if combined in a year. So this just won't benfit the planet but also you in the end, might as well spend that $1 on a treat instead of a bottle of water. Also, not only does the manufacturing and transportation of plastic water bottles lead to significant fossil fuel emissions, but most plastic water bottles are not actually recyclable and do not biodegrade.

2. Eliminate disposable paper products

This may be hard to eliminate for some but I swear, it is liberating when you don't have to panicked because you ran out of toilet paper. One best alternative for this is investing in a bidet. Admit it, toilet paper get more expensive year by year too. Using disposable paper product is just not a smart way to live both sustainably & financially. Paper towels can be replaced with rags. They’re cheap and can be used again and again.

3. Say goodbye to fast fashion

Yes, they're cheap, yes they're trending and it makes you feel good. But what truly makes you feel good, is knowing that when you buy a piece of clothing, you know you're going to take it to heaven with you. Fastfashion clothes are made in thousands of batches which means, they don't produce a good quality for every garment. The fast fashion industry has many negative implications for the environment (i.e. significant greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and large amounts of waste) and should be avoided.

4. Make homemade products

Did you know that there various alternatives for cleaning products at home such as Lemon, salt, vinegar and baking soda. These thing works just a s much as your regular window cleaner. If you look online, there plenty of hacks where you can use these item in every situation you get in to. It cleans better, is safer on you and the environment and costs hundreds less. I can usually get 18 months out of one large baking soda bag.

5. Shop local and organic for food

Shopping locally can help cut down on the average 1,500 miles food travels from farm to fork by purchasing food that’s grown or produced nearby, which means you’ll also help reduce the amount of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere. Organic farming practices reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy.

6. Reduce Water Consumption (if possible)

For plants, animals, humans, and every living organism, water equals life. Without water, there is no life. There are many simple ways you can conserve water that can help cut your water usage significantly – such as only running full loads of laundry and dishes, installing a low-flow showerhead, using a rain barrel to harvest rainwater for your garden or lawn, and fixing leaky faucets/running toilets.

Ask your iTasker via or via iTaskApp and talk to them o how you can lessen your water and energy consumption at home. You'll be surprise by the things the tell you and it can actually decrease your monthly billing.

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