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Types of Loans Canadians can Avail

Updated: May 18, 2023

In many Canadian houses, new paint, plumbing, flooring and roofing are needed before they can be used. Even if you don't plan on selling your house anytime soon, you may still desire a few changes or upgrades to make it more appealing to buyers. Owning a house in Canada has numerous advantages, but many 'fixer-uppers' need extensive repairs before they can be lived in. It is possible to pay for all of these items over time with a home renovation loan. There are a variety of ways to pay for home improvements, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Home Renovation Loan?

These are repackaged personal loans or credit cards. As a result, their high-interest rates, short durations, and limited loan amounts make them unsuitable for most renovation projects. However, whether or not a renovation loan is provided is based on the house's estimated value following improvements. As a result, homeowners can claim the anticipated rise in their home's worth before the restoration has even begun.

Types of Home Renovation Loans You Can Get

Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan is a revolving line of credit backed by the equity in your property. Large home renovation projects requiring a significant down payment benefit greatly from them. Property equity loans are only available to those with enough equity in their home to get a loan. You can't get a home equity loan if you don't have at least 20% equity in your property.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

You are offered a credit limit rather than a set sum of money when you take out a HELOC. As long as you don't over your credit limit, you may take out as much or as little money as you need. Flexible HELOCs, coupled with low loan rates, make them an excellent option for ongoing projects. As easy as credit cards, HELOCs with card access offer a far cheaper interest rate. There are also reduced minimum monthly payments for a home equity line of credit (HELOC). Access or bank cards from specific lenders allow for convenient use of your HELOC to make purchases.

Mortgage Refinance

In a cash-out refinancing, your existing mortgage is replaced by a new one with a more significant sum. You're borrowing the difference between your new and old mortgage balances. This money may be put to good use in the form of house improvements. In some instances, fines or fees may be imposed if you refinance your mortgage at the wrong time. Refinancing is an option for those who want cheap mortgage refinance rates but aren't willing to take on an 80 percent mortgage. In the case of more significant projects or the construction of a new house, a construction loan could be an option to explore as a financing option.

Personal Loans

Refinancing your home or opening a HELOC is a more complicated and lengthy procedure than applying for a personal loan. If you need to pay remodeling costs quickly but don't have enough equity in your house to receive a secured loan, this is the ideal option for you. Personal loans have a higher interest rate than secured loans since they are unsecured.

Credit Cards

Credit card borrowing isn't ideal if you can't pay it back promptly due to the high-interest rates on a credit card. For a brief amount of time, you may be able to fund your home repair project with a credit card.

Store Financing Programs

Several home improvement businesses in Canada allow clients to apply for store credit. Extras like extended warranties and return policies may be offered with these credit cards. These programs don't need you to be a professional or a commercial contractor. Home Depot and Lowe's are Canada's two major home improvement retailers.

Renovating your house may raise your standard of living while also taking care of any repairs or improvements that are urgently required. Buyers may find your property more appealing if it has just undergone a renovation. Renovations may increase the value of your property, which may pay for themselves in the form of a better selling price for your home.

It is essential to consider your choices wisely. You may choose to seek a home remodeling loan to afford the renovation charges. If you have a shop credit card, you may be able to pay no interest for a limited period. You will not be charged interest if you pay off your balance in full within the grace period on a standard credit card.


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