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She’s given her place the transformation she always wanted

Yvonne Ivanescu has achieved the home transformation she always dreamed of after years of living abroad. After moving back to Canada in November 2023, Ivanescu, who has dual Canadian-Polish citizenship, settled in Mississauga with her husband. Her journey took her from Belgium to Brazil, and finally Portugal, where she found the entrepreneurial environment challenging. This ultimately influenced her decision to return to Canada​.

In Portugal, Ivanescu faced difficulties with bureaucracy, low income levels, and establishing credit history, which stifled her business ambitions. Upon returning to Canada, she found a more supportive environment for entrepreneurs, with better opportunities for funding and networking. Her move was motivated by a desire for a more stable life and greater professional opportunities​​.

Meanwhile, Caitlin Pyle's transformation story involves a significant lifestyle change. Once living in a luxurious 400,000-square-foot mansion in Florida, Pyle decided to downsize drastically after her divorce and subsequent burnout from maintaining such a large property. She sold her business for $4 million and used part of the proceeds to buy and renovate a Mercedes Sprinter van. This van, now fully equipped with a custom kitchen, serves as her new home as she travels across the United States, embracing a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle​​.

Pyle's decision was driven by a need for a break from the stress of her previous life. Living in the van has allowed her to focus on her health and well-being while enjoying the freedom of the open road. She now rents out her former home and spends her days exploring new places, describing her new life as one of adventure and contentment​​.

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