Share your WiFi, Help you neighbour

People throughout the globe have discovered a whole new world thanks to the Internet. Access to previously unavailable materials is made possible by this technology. The internet used to be a luxury, but it's a need for almost everyone. We can utilize the information we find on the internet to better our personal, professional, and economic well-being.

Since early Friday morning, Rogers' major network failure has affected cellular and internet services nationwide. Users were left in the dark for hours about when they may be able to use their smartphones again as the business first acknowledged the problem shortly before 9 a.m. ET. It took more than 12 hours for a spokesman to certify to Global News that the situation with cellular services was really improving.

This bad news has affected many people working from home, children who have online classes, online interviews, etc., raising an uproar. As to this severe network cutoff has affected half of Canada's residents affecting over 12 Million online users who are vulnerable to this sudden telecommunication breakdown. Since it has become second nature to most, to use online connection for their day to day transaction.

In line with Roger's Communication outage, over 9 million cellphone users don't have any service, and over 3 million home internet users have no service, so iTaskApp reached Bell and Telus, who are the only customers across the whole of Canada who have service and book one of our service called "Share Your Wi-Fi."

We in iTaskApp are also affected by this event and as one Canadian community, we invite you to share your resources with one another. If you have a working connection with you, we encourage you to let your neighbour know. Share your Wi-Fi and help a neighbour because your small action can impact other people's lives.


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