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Product Photography to Win Your Market's Eye

Updated: May 5, 2023

Not getting much sales as much as you expected to?

Who says the picture is NOT important? How your product looks, is just as important as the quality of your item. Remember, we buy what we see and not you tell us. So stop shoving people down the throat of how good your product because they will never believe it unless you show them. Well, there's no time to be wistful, pick-up whatever tools you have near you. Your mobile phone, a desk light or you laptop and let's do some photography tips for you!


  1. Pay Attention to 'Lighting'

Yes, Lighting. How are they supposed to appreciate you product if they can hardly see it on a small mobile screen. So, pay attention to lighing. Keep in ming these three lighting basics. Key Light, Fill Light and Backlight. And before you compare about not having enough tools, you literally use anything that emits light (please not your room light) use a you laptop screen, your TV screen, your phone or any emergency flash light. Once you have everything you need play around these lights and make sure your product doesn't get outshined by too much light. Keep in mind your product is the 'queen'. So do anything to make it look excellent on the camera. Here's how you use these 3 Lighting Elements:

a. Key Light - the strongest of all light, usually place infron or that sides

b. Fill Light - when you turn on your key light, it creates a shadow part of your product or item, and want you would want to do is to get rid of this shadow so you counter-act your key light with a fill light to show what's now covered by the key light.

c. Backlight - not necessary but it would be nice to have too. Backlight creates a highlight around the shape of your item that separates your item and the background. It is not necessary but can help create professional look on your photos.

2. A tripod would a good investment

Having a tripod would make your life easy but if not, you can always come up with something, books, tables, tupperwares, anything. Anything that can keep your phone oy your camera in place. In this way, you can frame your camera well consistently. This adds to the 'professional look' on your photo that will eventually convince the market that your product is LEGIT and HIGH QUALITY. Yes, people do really judge the looks.

3. Edit your photos

If you see your photos after taking a picture of it, you might think that "hey it's already good" but wait 'til you edit it. Remeber we are not just aiming for 'good' here we are aiming for excellence. There are plenty of editing sites you can find online. Let me pass on to you my biggest secret. (if you can't afford Adobe Photoshop) Don't worry you have these:

a. - Photopea works just EXACTLY light Adobe Photoshop. You can

erase, change colors, remove background and a whole lot more - helps you remove background of your photo with ease

c. - this tool converts your lowres photos into highres.

4. Take Inspiration

Find other brands whose photos are good to and try to get inspiration from them ma it be with the colors, placements lighting, editing. Whatever that makes their product look good, try to disect the photo. What did they do? How did they layout it? From here, your learning/experimenting phase will start until you will find that satisfaction.


We get you! Doing all these things is really not easy and its also a process. It is definitely not an overnight thing and takes a lot of your time and patience. if you don't have enough time to go through all these hassle. Then its good to consider seeking for professional help where they have the right tools, equipment and experience. Check out iTaskApp. iTaskApp is an online service platform that allows you to get the person you need for any service from Handymans, Real Estate Agent to Professional Photographer.

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