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Predicted Top Renovation Projects for 2022

Updated: May 18, 2023

There will continue to be a steady rise in the renovation industry in the years ahead, according to the most recent Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA). Growth in yearly home remodeling and repair expenditure is expected to be in the mid-single digits in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. According to the JCHS estimate for the fourth quarter of 2020, the DIY home-improvement boom witnessed during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic will not be maintained long-term.

However, to set those wish lists and projects in motion, we enlisted the help of a variety of interior design professionals to share their predictions for the following year. In 2022, let's keep up the renovations!

Better outfitted mudrooms

Designers might transform an unused area like a garage or laundry room into an entryway mudroom. Mudrooms may be created by converting an existing garage or laundry room, according to Laurel Vernazza Gecek of The Plan Collection, an online provider of home designs.

A premium vinyl tile floor that's waterproof and simple to maintain is ideal, as are several recessed LED lights. Pet washing stations with enormous sinks or shower pans, as well as designated storage for each family member, are in great demand. Laundry equipment spaces with shelves, counters for folding, and sinks are also high order. A central charging station for everyone's gadgets, as well as a fun toy like a boot drier.

More specialized outdoor "rooms"

There was a noticeable increase in demand for outdoor kitchens this year, according to landscape architect Ryan Kettelkamp. The only requirements were a pizza oven, a grill, and a water supply; it didn't have to be as good as their indoor one. Recommend that clients limit down their options.

Using high rectangular wood planters, metal troughs, and huge frost-resistant pots may help gardeners avoid bending and weeding. After a year of avoiding the grocery store, some people may want a fireplace, a yard, or patio where they can set up a large screen and chairs to watch movies, as well as an edible garden. Keep animals out of your crops by erecting a fence that is both deep and high, according to Kettlekamp.

It also discovered that people are spending more time mowing their lawns and repairing their gardens. If the weather becomes chilly, propose that your customers buy an outside heater like restaurants employ to keep guests warm in the great outdoors.

More windows, doors, and walls to enjoy nature

Even when they can't go outside, people want to feel like they are. This tendency is anticipated to continue. Be prepared to replace windows and doors, and even a whole wall, if necessary, to accommodate larger-paned glass. Designers note that some like garage-style glass doors that roll up for a more edgy aesthetic. Mick De Giulio of de Giulio Kitchen Design, a Chicago-based designer, likes to add windows as high as feasible in kitchens.

According to De Giulio, "A view and a drink are favored." It's also a plus for De Giulio that manufacturers make slimmer windows and doors available. Christine Marvin, vice president of design at Marvin, cites the company's Contemporary window line as an example of achieving a narrow modern style.

More flexible home offices

Providing a space where adults can work, and children can do their schoolwork was one of the most essential things we learned. According to a Houzz survey, the number of people looking for home offices has increased by 108%.

Natural light is an essential consideration while searching for an office, so take into account whether you're prepared to share space or not. According to one designer, two new trends to watch are using a standing desk and placing a screen on the wall. Tom Segal, a Chicago-based designer, warns against using a guest bedroom as an office.

Accessory dwelling units

ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are becoming more popular among those interested in tiny homes. Separate from the main house, these outbuildings typically measure 500 to 800 square feet but may reach 1,200 square feet. Caitlin Bigelow, the founder, and CEO of Maxable, an educational resource on ADUs, advocates for ADUs.

Ensure that the apartment has enough natural light, insulation, necessary appliances, and features that follow universal design principles to be used by everyone, including those with disabilities. ADUs are becoming more popular as a housing option for families with out-of-town adult children, thanks to increased support from local planning and construction authorities.

Installing broad enough entrances for wheelchairs and lowering thresholds between spaces, for example, are among Bigelow's recommendations. Planning ahead of time is essential, she advises. Prefab models like Studio Shed's bigger "Summit/ADU" units, which are available in specific configurations, may also save time and money at the beginning.

You may have a beautiful home design and stay within your budget if you apply proper design and planning. Custom design and custom-built services are available for those who want to revamp their kitchens.


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