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Power restored in Ottawa after last week's severe weather

OTTAWA —Residents in Ottawa can finally breathe a sigh of relief as power has been fully restored to the majority of Hydro Ottawa customers after severe weather wreaked havoc on Friday [1]. The powerful thunderstorm, accompanied by golf ball-sized hail and gusty winds, left over 10,000 customers without electricity, causing widespread disruptions across the city.

As of Monday morning, almost all affected Hydro Ottawa customers have had their power reconnected, with only around 65 customers still facing outages [1]. The dedicated efforts of Hydro Ottawa's restoration teams have been instrumental in resolving the widespread power issues.

In the aftermath of the storm, some customers still without power may need to make necessary repairs to their own electrical equipment before they can be fully reconnected to the grid [1]. Hydro Ottawa is working diligently to assist these remaining customers and expedite the restoration process.

Several neighborhoods in Ottawa bore the brunt of the storm's fury, with Westboro, McKellar Park, and Woodpark experiencing the most significant impact [2]. Hydro Ottawa prioritized power restoration in these hard-hit areas to bring relief to residents and businesses that were affected.

The severity of the storm even led to the temporary suspension of a CFL game and triggered a tornado warning, which was later lifted [2]. Environment Canada issued an emergency alert due to the potential for baseball-sized hail, reflecting the extreme nature of the weather event.

The hailstones, accompanied by strong winds, caused extensive damage, resulting in fallen trees and power lines, further exacerbating the power outages [2]. Hydro Ottawa's restoration efforts were carried out amidst an ongoing labor dispute with its union, adding additional complexities to the restoration process [2].

The challenges in the restoration process were not limited to Hydro Ottawa alone. In the Outaouais region, approximately 1,200 Hydro-Québec customers were still without power on Monday morning [1]. The combined impact of the severe weather and the labor strike had put additional strain on the restoration teams, leading to prolonged outages in some areas.

Despite the difficulties faced during the restoration efforts, Hydro Ottawa remains committed to resolving the remaining power outages promptly [1]. The diligent work of their employees continues to ensure that essential services are restored to all affected areas.

As the recovery efforts continue, residents are urged to report any remaining power outages and exercise caution while making repairs to their electrical equipment [1]. The cooperation of the public and prompt communication with the utility companies will be vital in facilitating a swift and efficient resolution.