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Portfolio manager says Loonie could fall to half of greenback's value

Portfolio manager Jean-Francois Tardif of Timelo Investment Management has sounded a cautionary note about the future of the Canadian dollar, suggesting that it could potentially plummet to just 50 cents U.S. if underlying economic issues aren't addressed.

According to Tardif, Canada's currency is facing a significant threat due to ongoing challenges related to inflation and affordability. In an interview, he emphasized that while such a drastic devaluation wouldn't occur suddenly, it could manifest as a gradual decline if corrective measures aren't implemented.

Tardif underscored the pressing need to address Canada's housing affordability crisis, which has been driving up prices and placing significant pressure on wages. As the cost of living continues to rise, individuals are compelled to seek higher salaries, consequently fueling inflationary pressures.

Furthermore, Tardif pointed out that Canada's economic vulnerabilities may deter foreign investors, thereby further impacting the strength of the loonie. A weakened economy typically garners less interest from external parties, resulting in diminished demand for the nation's currency.

The Canadian dollar closed trading at 74 cents U.S. on Tuesday, reflecting its current standing in the global exchange market. However, Tardif's warnings suggest that without decisive action to address inflation and affordability concerns, the loonie's value could potentially plummet by half in relation to the U.S. dollar.

Tardif's insights serve as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing underlying economic challenges to safeguard the stability of Canada's currency. As policymakers and industry stakeholders grapple with these issues, the trajectory of the loonie remains uncertain, with potential implications for domestic and international investors alike.

In summary, while the loonie's current valuation may appear stable, the underlying economic factors at play indicate potential vulnerabilities that could lead to a significant devaluation over time. It is imperative for Canada to tackle inflation and affordability issues to mitigate the risk of a pronounced decline in the value of its currency on the global stage.

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