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Kitchen Safety That should Not be Ignored

Updated: May 5, 2023

1. Check for frayed wirings

Some of our appliances are already past their 5th Birthday and we rarely remember it, yet we used these items almost everyday. Take a second to check their wirings form behind, if you ever noticed a slight fray from animal bites, friction or any cuts around your wires. Be cautios and consult for a check-up with a specialist immediately. And if doesn't bother you, maybe it's time to put that appliances to rest, knowing it serve you well enough.

2. Do not use extension cords to power your Appliances.

Never use extension cords to power your Refrigerator, Oven, Microwave, Induction Cook and the like. You are most likely opening up your self for possible explosion. One common reason for this is short circuit. Remember most of our Kitchen Appliances produce heat to function, using an extension cord only puts you and your appliances in jeopardy and knock on wood, your house to.

3. Get rid of your Broken Appliances.

Refusing to dispose your broken appliances is only puts you in danger. Our appliances are tools that are made of chemicals that enables it to serve its function. Appliances such as; Refrigerator contains Freon that is present in all cooling appliances like Air Conditioning Unit. Inhaling Freons is poisonous and can be lethal.

So if you have appliances in your kitchen, sitting there and taking up space. Dispose it properly or contact a specialist, they know better how to handle these things. And skimping on things like your appliances is just not a wise thing to do.

4. Keep a fire extinguisher near

Most residential areas don't have fire extinguisher in their homes and most of them don't have any idea how to use it. Fires Extinguishers are $81.75 in Walmart and you can also purchase online through Amazon to a much more cheaper price. Fire Extinguisher is a necessity at home because we never know when we're going to need them. All accidents happened unexpectedly. So keeping one for safety is never not a good idea. Stock up on your fire extinguisher and get lessons on how to use them. It might just help you save lives or your own.


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