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Is brown water coming from your tap in Byron? The city says it safe and temporary

LONDON —Residents of Byron have been raising concerns about the brown water flowing from their taps. However, the City of London has reassured residents that this temporary water discoloration is safe to drink and is linked to ongoing improvements in the area.

The discolored water issue, causing residents' anxiety, has counterparts in other regions. In Leominster, similar concerns were addressed, as residents expressed worries over prolonged brown tap water. City officials in Leominster attribute the discoloration to elevated manganese levels in Fall Brook Reservoir due to heavy summer rainfall. Despite concerns about manganese's potential health effects, the city insists that levels remain within safe limits, and thus the tap water is safe to consume.

The phenomenon of brown water isn't unique to these areas. Often, such discoloration is the result of disturbed sediment in water mains or home pipes. Brown tap water is usually harmless and clears up within hours. Various factors like main breaks, construction activities, water flow surges, and hydrant use can contribute to this discoloration. In some cases, oxidized iron from pipe repairs could be the cause, which tends to resolve on its own over time.

Byron's situation is closely tied to water pressure reduction due to scheduled shut-offs around Colonel Talbot and Southdale Roads. The water pressure reduction has led to lower pressure and potential discoloration in some areas. The City of London has confirmed that this is due to ongoing improvements in the region. Although normal water pressure is returning for some residents, there might still be instances of discoloration. The city has explicitly stated that the discolored water is safe to drink. Affected individuals are encouraged to contact Water Operations if they continue to experience issues.

To confirm if the brown water issue is temporary, residents can run cold water for about 20 minutes. If the water clears up, there's likely no major concern. However, persistent cases of brown water might suggest rusted pipe leaks, which could pose bacterial and health risks. For ongoing issues, seeking professional plumbing assistance is recommended. This could involve installing water filters or softeners to eliminate iron particles and prevent future discoloration.



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