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How to get rid of Pen Marks on Different Surfaces

Updated: May 18, 2023

It's simple to get a permanent marker on your surfaces, and it's much harder to get it off. For the most part, a permanent marker doesn't leave permanent stains. If you use suitable ordinary home material, you may remove it and have a little patience. This step-by-step instruction covers how to erase permanent marker ink from a wide range of surfaces. Our goal is to ensure that these remedies will help you remove those stains.

Laminate Countertop

Reach inside your pantry to erase permanent markers off laminate surfaces without damaging the finish or leaving a hazy residue. All you need is regular vegetable oil to get the job done. Use a clean rug or cloth and rub the surface where it is marked, avoid using things that might damage and scratch your countertop.


Do not discard your permanent marker-stained garments into the garbage without first dabbing the place with hairspray that includes alcohol. Compared to regular washing detergent, it will be more effective at removing the stain and odor. Spray hairspray over the color and wait several minutes before rinsing with hot water.

Couch and Chair Cushions

If you've accidentally splattered a permanent marker on your couch, don't panic. Just sprinkle some baking soda over the spot and use a toothbrush to scrape it away. To remove the stain altogether, keep repeating this easy procedure.


The lemon essential oil is a fantastic natural cleanser to eliminate permanent markers from painted walls. With the help of the lemon's acidic juice and the oil's emollient properties, the paint may be gradually removed off the surface.


Using distilled white vinegar, you can quickly remove permanent markers from leather surfaces. Wait a few minutes after applying vinegar to verify that it has penetrated the discoloration. Then use a moist towel to remove the stain in circular movements.


In most cases, it's not difficult to erase a whiteboard using a permanent marker. To remove the stain, use a whiteboard marker to color over the permanent marker stain, and then use a whiteboard eraser to remove it.


While writing, have you ever had a Sharpie spill on your hands? It's a pain, but makeup remover wipes make it a cinch to get rid of. To remove a stain from the skin, just massage the wipes over the spot in a circular motion. Standard rubbing alcohol is another option, although it may upset sensitive skin.


Nail polish remover works well for getting rid of permanent marker stains from the carpet. To avoid re-staining your freshly cleaned carpet, use a clean cloth to dab, not spread, the stain remover on the affected area.

Kitchen Cabinets

Use vegetable oil to protect your kitchen cabinets against permanent marker scribbles. Apply it on the stain with a cotton ball and remove it in circular movements. Using a moist towel, remove the remaining oil from the marker by re-applying it.


You may use a permanent marker to label your plastic containers. Hand sanitizer will take care of the problem. The stain should come straight off with a bit of hand sanitizer spray applied to a paper towel and massage in.

Pen markings on furniture are surprisingly simple to obtain. But once you know how to remove ink stains off clothing, those annoying pen stains will be no match for your excellent cleaning abilities. To help you out, we've put up this helpful guide.


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