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How private dog parks are bringing joy to sensitive pups

OTTAWA —Private dog parks are emerging as havens of happiness for sensitive pups, offering a safe and controlled environment for them to enjoy playtime and socialization without the stress of crowded public parks [1][2]. As the popularity of these private parks surges, owners of sensitive dogs are finding solace in these secure spaces, providing their furry companions with an opportunity to thrive.

One such example is "Sniffspot," an Ottawa-based private dog park that has become a symbol of the growing trend [1][2]. Managed by Bobbiann Geller at Country Canines Play Park, Sniffspot offers a controlled setting where dogs can freely play and exercise without encountering unfamiliar dogs or people, making it an ideal sanctuary for sensitive canines.

The rise in demand for private dog parks has been driven by the need for safe spaces that cater to dogs uncomfortable in the chaotic atmosphere of public parks [1][2]. Sensory-sensitive dogs and those who struggle with social interactions can now find a comforting haven where they can explore new environments, interact with their peers, and enjoy off-leash freedom in a secure setting.

Maureen Campbell, who owns a Bernese mountain dog named Opal, is among those who have discovered the benefits of private dog parks [1]. Concerned about potential risks and negative influences in public parks, Campbell found peace of mind at Geller's park, knowing that Opal could play and socialize without undue stress.

The Sniffspot app has played a significant role in driving the growth of private dog parks by connecting backyard entrepreneurs with dog owners seeking safe spaces for their pets [2]. Hosts like Clayton McWilliams have found success through the app, welcoming dogs into their fenced properties and generating income while providing a valuable service to the community.

Despite the undeniable advantages, the increasing popularity of private dog parks also raises concerns about future availability [1]. As more people recognize the benefits of such controlled environments, securing a spot in these private parks may become challenging.

For trainers and dog enthusiasts, private dog parks are highly valued for their positive impact on sensitive dogs [1]. These parks allow dogs to socialize and exercise without feeling overwhelmed, providing a much-needed respite from the potential stressors of public parks.

Sniffspot is dedicated to offering the best experiences for dogs and their owners [2]. The app ensures that bookings are private, with buffers between visits to maintain a controlled environment. Landowners offering their spaces as private dog parks undergo vetting to ensure the safety and well-being of visiting dogs.

The pricing of private dog park visits varies per host, typically ranging from $5 to $15 per dog per hour [2]. Rules such as mandatory supervision, clean-up after pets, and vaccination requirements ensure the safety and enjoyment of all park visitors.

Dog owners are encouraged to respect doggy decorum and be mindful of canine body language to prevent conflicts in off-leash environments [3]. While private dog parks offer secure and enriching experiences, proper dog park etiquette and recall training are still essential for a positive and safe experience.




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