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How contractors can help keep their clients USING iTaskApp

Updated: May 25, 2023

Mobile devices with a high-speed internet connection, such as smartphones and tablet computers, have become commonplace in today's society. It's becoming harder and harder to keep clients when there are so many deals to choose from. This has led to the developing of several retention tactics, one of which is a mobile app.

Unlike other mediums, a mobile app is more dependable, customizable, and time-saving. Because of this, iTaskApp has developed an app that allows consumers to schedule their services, contact our contractors, and keep track of their usefulness simply and efficiently. Customers don't have to worry about losing track of their support requests since they can log in using their contact information.

Here are some tips on how contractors can use iTaskApp in keeping with their clients.

You can communicate through iTaskApp

People tend to get overwhelmed with the various apps to use and communicate with. But with iTaskApp, everything you need in one place is perfect for clients and business owners. One aspect of the app is being able to communicate using the app. Once you book your service with iTaskApp, you can communicate with your contractors through the app.

Keep track of your service through iTaskApp

Maximize your time and productivity while keeping track of your contractor and service's progress. With iTaskApp, you can track your contractor's location and the progress of everything happening in the progressing service.

Send invoices through iTaskApp

Contractors and clients tend to forget about invoices because they want to avoid awkward situations, but these necessary things shouldn't be ignored as they can be helpful when the work is not to your satisfaction. But with iTaskApp, once your service is marked as done by your contractor, an automated invoice will be sent to the client.

Wondering what iTaskApp is?

iTaskApp is an internet platform and software that helps consumers locate assistance for their chores. We aim to make it easy for everyone to manage their houses so that those who need help may obtain it. Our major purpose is to offer exceptional customer support, and we want to continue this platform free for all small and medium-sized firms.

With iTaskApp, you'll be able to interact with more customers and get more done in less time. iTaskApp lets you operate your business online, so you can stay on top of things from wherever you are.