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Hiring a Contractor? Here are the things you need to watch out for!

Updated: May 16, 2023

There are a variety of ways to deal with construction-related challenges. Slow technology adoption may be seen as a single problem, but it may also be a collection of issues, such as communication issues, scheduling issues, documentation issues, and so on. Some of these issues are new, while others have been around for decades.

During a building project, there are several possible hazards. The project manager's responsibility is to keep a job site operating successfully, on time, and under budget. Managing a project with an immense scope, many players, and inherent hazards is a task. Construction projects face a wide range of obstacles, and these are just six of the most common.

Poor Control of Risks

It's critical to have backup plans in place in case anything goes wrong, no matter how little it may seem to be. Invest in initiatives like safety training and wiggle space in timetables. A company's financial line may be seriously harmed by short-term problems that go out of control. Subcontractors who are unreliable, scheduling challenges, or a shift in stakeholders' preferences are all examples of these issues

A Lack of Organization

It's easy for a construction project to lag behind or go over budget if there isn't a clear objective for everyone to aim towards. Holding team members responsible for their contributions is difficult without well-defined goals. Create smaller, more manageable daily tasks for people to perform to achieve larger, project-wide objectives. You can prevent the whole project from falling apart if you do this.

Poor Communication

The importance of effective communication cannot be overstated when delegating tasks. After each day, the team should be informed of any progress or hurdles that have been made. Using various software might be a fantastic alternative if in-person meetings are not an option.

A surprising number of construction project issues may be traced back to sluggish communication among the many groups and agencies involved. There are several ways today's technology might help solve this huge issue. You can speed up the communication process by utilizing your employees' cellphones to send emails, texts, or even use construction-related applications.

Too Much and Unrealistic Expectations

In some instances, customers and other stakeholders would want a project manager to take on significant responsibilities. Some things are within the scope of a competent project manager's control, while others are not. With impossible objectives, productivity is hampered. What's the point of straining yourself to exhaustion if you're simply going to fall short in the end?

You can have a successful project if you manage expectations from the start. Determine whether the projections are realistic by breaking them into monthly, weekly, and daily targets. Stakeholders may then be informed as required. Provide an alternative strategy to see an ambitious yet manageable timeframe or budget.

Issues on Delayed Cash Flow

A surprising number of construction firms have issues with managing their financial resources. Several expenses must be paid on a semi-regular basis in the construction industry. Assuming the job is finished, you may only get paid once for the work you have done. Having an open corporate credit line for "worst-case situations" is the only practical answer to these problems.

An antiquated method of invoicing is critical to the construction industry... A company's cash flow might be significantly impacted if payments are late. Other projects may run into difficulties due to the money running out. Companies can guarantee that cash flow does not adversely affect other initiatives with enhanced tools and follow-through.

Limited Skills and Lack of Skilled Workforce

Delays may occur when members of a team lack the necessary expertise. One way to avoid this problem is to be aware of any holes in the plan before they become a problem. After spotting these holes, you may quickly and effectively patch them. With a recruiter like Michael Page, you'll be able to quickly locate the ideal candidate.

A lot has happened in the building business throughout its long history. Some of the issues have been there for a long time, while others have recently emerged as a concern. Here, we've outlined some of the most common building problems, as well as ways to minimize or eliminate them.

Asking your suppliers for referrals is a fantastic method to avoid hiring an untrustworthy contractor. Asking subcontractors you've dealt with is also a great way to identify reliable communications. You should examine your subcontractors' licenses and general liability insurance as an added precaution.



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