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Germs and Bacterias Sitting In Your Carpet

Updated: May 10, 2023

How long has it been since you last cleaned your carpet? Well, don't be fooled; even though it looks okay on the outside, the inside might be full of dirt and germs you never thought would be there.

It can be difficult to choose a carpet that can tie a space together; carpets must fit the color, the furniture, the surface they're sitting on, and the overall ambiance of your home. If you've opted to incorporate a carpet into your house design, you must appreciate it.

Did you know?

Carpets can hold dirt that is four times their weight, and they are renowned for trapping all types of filth, including pet hair, dust mites, insect excrement and husks, dead skin cells, mold, germs, volatile chemical compounds, and etc.

Here are 5 disgusting facts that you need to know about your carpet.

Why Bugs Love Carpets

Bacteria and viruses are minute creatures that, if introduced into human bodies, can cause sickness. Most of us with healthy immune systems handle them admirably. If you drop a slice of bread on a tile floor, it spreads germs faster than a carpet or wood floor. The longer food stays on a carpeted or tiled floor, the more polluted it becomes.

People Walk on Their Rugs With Their Dirty Shoes

According to studies, at least 75% of individuals will still have dirty feet when walking through your house. Your carpet might be accumulating all of the dirt you, your family, and even your pets bring! A deep cleaning service will aid in the fight against germs and dirt.

Indoor Air Quality

Carpets, like air filters in your home, may trap pollutants such as dust, filth, sand, and living contaminants such as germs and bacteria. The air quality in your home suffers when your air filter becomes contaminated with muck, which is why it is a good idea to engage a house deep cleaning service on a regular basis.

Things Living in your Carpet

Carpet may serve as a breeding environment for a variety of microorganisms.

Some of the most well-known bacteria are:

  • MOLD - Moisture is the most important factor in mold production since mold thrives in moist conditions. Mold allergies have a wide range of impacts on individuals, so carpets near bathrooms, basements, or other wet areas of your home are particularly prone. Allergic mold reactions, on the other hand, are frequently characterized by rashes on the skin, cold-like symptoms, or difficulties breathing.

  • SALMONELLA - These bacteria are frequently transferred to your carpet by humans and animals tracking in excrement. Infections can cause diarrhea, fever, and stomach discomfort. The elderly and children are extremely prone.

  • CAMPYLOBACTER - Campylobacter is frequently detected in wet or damp carpets. Campylobacteriosis is caused by Campylobacter infections and can result in diarrhea or dysentery syndrome.

  • E COLI - Is one of the most notorious bacteria on the planet. E Coli should not be treated lightly. It can enter your house through raw food products or be tracked in by your family.

Vacuuming is Hazardous

Vacuuming is necessary, but it may be dangerous for persons with respiratory issues or allergies since it does not remove germs and grime that has been embedded in the carpet fibers as steam cleaning does. When you vacuum, air from the vacuum cleaner is exhaled, which is not clean air. The area being vacuumed is one of the top five filthy locations in your home.


This is why it is essential to get your carpets cleaned regularly, as it is the most excellent method to keep your family safe from toxins. You could have minor children or even pets in your home, so getting a professional cleaner can utilize a variety of ways to deal with embedded carpet pollutants; that is why, at iTaskApp, we provide affordable carpet cleaning with quality services. It's never too late to clean your carpet. Who knows? You might keep a regular cleaning service.


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