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Best Non-Slip Tiles for your Bathroom

Since bathrooms are moist and slippery, they pose a significant danger for slips and falls. Seniors and those who use the restroom should have a safe flooring choice installed. Walking on a wet floor requires more traction, so the ideal flooring for an accessible bathroom should be both sturdy and water-resistant.

Options for anti-slip bathroom flooring are many, so you can choose one that fits within your budget and aesthetic choices.

An integrated design that includes non-slip bathroom flooring should be considered at the commencement of any project. Before you get bogged down in the details, it pays helpful to think over all of your possible bathroom design options.

Textured Stones

Stone tiles that have been sandblasted, brushed, or tumbled have a rough appearance but are still soft to the touch. Anti-slip coating roughens the stone's surface, making it seem like sandpaper. This is a better option for walkways and other outdoor applications than regular flooring.

Natural stone is both beautiful and resistant to mold and mildew in a bathroom. In terms of the tiles and installation, there are several drawbacks to be aware of. If you want to install a stone floor, you'll likely have to hire an expert. You'll want to make sure your floor can support the weight.

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

As far as flooring goes, ceramic and porcelain tiles are among the finest. However, the smoothness and durability of this flooring mean that you are less likely to trip over it. Slip-resistant options are available from many vendors. Some have been certified by the ADA specifically for this purpose. The product must fulfill this requirement if you wish to use this flooring.

Bathroom porcelain or ceramic tile flooring may benefit from having a backer applied to it. There are specific backings with enough backing to stick to the tile very softly. This may reduce your chance of slipping and falling on a slick surface.

Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring

In bathrooms, vinyl is popular because of its attractiveness and functionality. It is weatherproof and may be installed in a variety of locations. Ceramic tile, wood, stone, and various other floor coverings may all be replicated using this technique. Your bathroom will have an up-to-date, fashionable appearance thanks to the wide range of alternatives.

For those on a tight budget, vinyl is an excellent flooring choice for the bathroom. There will be a textured surface on non-slip items. It's still good to use glue in the restroom, even with the click-and-lock option. However, to avoid long-term damage, mop up spills as soon as possible.