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Appliance maintenance to prevent unexpected summer problems

Updated: May 24, 2023

Damage to your home appliances may be caused by summer storms, power outages, and extreme temperatures. It's possible to safeguard them and avoid an appliance repair. Ensure that you clean and maintain your appliances regularly if you want them to perform at their peak efficiency.

In every maintenance approach, preventive maintenance is absolutely essential. Maintenance expenses may be reduced, equipment downtime is decreased, asset lifetime and efficiency are improved, and home safety is increased when this is done correctly. The first step is to have a clear, defined, and well-thought-out maintenance strategy.


While a result, condenser coils are under a lot more stress this summer since they are working harder to keep the refrigerator's interior cold as the ambient temperature rises. Condenser coil dust accumulation increases the amount of energy the refrigerator has to use to cool the food and provide it to its interior. Because the fridge is constantly exposed to the warmer ambient temperature, it loses its ability to keep food fresh. This will lead to food rotting and inadequate cooling. Calling a repairman or replacing the coils will then be necessary.

Refrigerators have to work harder and use more electricity when exposed to heat. If the condenser coils are used at high settings for an extended period, they will eventually wear out. Your refrigerator/appliance should be positioned in an open area since it requires constant airflow to perform properly.

Water Heater

To have a hot shower, you must have an appliance that can heat water to a temperature that is safe for you to handle. You must take a warm shower in hot and humid weather to avoid overheating and getting drenched in perspiration.

During the summer, the temperature of your water heater/geyser will likely be more significant than usual. In addition to making your water more efficient, lowering the temperature to heat by 10 degrees reduces the energy required. This means that your power bill will be reduced. As a result, your geyser will cool down considerably more quickly than usual and won't be impacted by the room's or the outside's temperature.

Air Conditioner

Summer is almost around the corner, and everyone is preparing for it. Unfortunately, air conditioners aren't immune to the oppressive heat either. This might be since they are often used throughout the summer months. Your air conditioner needs to work twice as hard to remove moisture from the air when it's hot and humid outside.

To keep your air conditioner focused on cooling rather than dehumidifying, you should have a dehumidifier installed in your home instead. Condenser coils in air conditioners function similarly to those in refrigerators, so it's essential to keep them free of dust and hair if you have one. Even though this may seem like a time-consuming chore, it will pay off long term. There are a few basic actions you can do to make sure your air conditioner works properly if you want it to.

Washer and Dryer

You may save a lot of money on your utility bills throughout the summer by making a few adjustments to the way you launder your clothing. They, too, are vulnerable to overheating because of the climatic conditions outside, which may lead to premature failure. This washing and drying machine makes use of both heat and electricity.

Instead of utilizing your washer/internal dryer's heater to heat water, use cold water or a cold wash. Use the sun's heat to your advantage and attempt to dry your items outdoors. Considering the recent heat waves in the United States, you can expect your garments to be dry!

Bonfire and Grills

To avoid disaster, never leave a burning object alone. Even if you have no children, it's a good idea to watch for any potential dangers. It's hard to deny that grilling, fire pits, and bonfires are summertime pleasures. Keep dogs and youngsters at least three feet away from the fire, and keep their activity to a minimum. If you're going to be indoors all night, make sure the fire is entirely out before leaving.

When it's hot outside, your air conditioner has to work harder, and the humidity may harm a wide range of electrical devices and systems. Because of the high temperatures, your appliances may begin to degrade and finally break down, costing you money. Keep an eye on this equipment and ensure they're well-maintained to get the most out of them all year round.




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