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Apple set to refresh iPads, while Disney numbers show streaming no panacea

Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the tech giant's latest unveiling event today, as the company is set to introduce its newest lineup of iPad models. The anticipation stems from a prolonged gap since the last iPad refresh, marking the longest hiatus since the tablets were first introduced in 2010. With sales dwindling over the past couple of years, Apple aims to reignite demand for its iconic devices with innovative features, including artificial intelligence capabilities slated for release next month. This event gains heightened attention due to Apple's recent challenges, particularly in its Chinese market, necessitating a resurgence in global consumer interest to reassure investors.

In contrast, Disney faces a downturn in its stock price following the release of its quarterly earnings report. While the entertainment giant saw increases in both profit and revenue, the growth fell short of analysts' expectations. Most notably, Disney's streaming service, Disney+, failed to meet projected subscriber numbers, leading to concerns about its profitability despite adding new users and raising subscription fees. Investors await signs of sustainable profitability from Disney's streaming division, especially as the company positions itself for a digital future.

Boeing encounters another setback as it postpones the launch of its Starliner space capsule due to a technical issue. The delay underscores ongoing challenges for the aerospace giant, which had hoped for a successful mission to divert attention from previous problems, notably with its Max jets. Meanwhile, First Quantum, a Canadian copper miner, seeks dialogue with Panama's newly elected government to resolve a dispute that led to the closure of its Cobre Panama mine, significantly impacting both the country's economy and the company's market value.

Canadian pet-supply retailer Pet Valu reports mixed quarterly results, with a slip in profit offset by revenue growth driven by new store openings. However, the slower growth in same-store sales raises concerns about sustained performance amidst evolving market dynamics.

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