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A Guide to Planning your Next Major Renovation

Updated: May 10, 2023

Knowing how to renovate a home comes down to three things: planning, organizing, and knowing who and what you'll need to see the project through to completion. You wouldn't start a business without first creating a business plan that defines your strategy and goals for the company. It's the same for a home renovation. You don't want to go into anything without fully understanding what you're getting yourself into.

To begin working with the tools, you must first complete the following steps:


If you have a growing family and are considering relocating shortly, you must think about how much room you'll need. If you're remodeling to stay put rather than move, the work you perform today should be enough ten years from now.

You'll want to arrange your budget based on the sections of your house that bring the most value to your property. Keep in mind that while you're remodeling an old home, you may be hiding severe structural problems. Make sure to set aside a significant chunk of your budget for unexpected costs.


You need to figure out what you want from your redesign and how to get there. When renovating, this is a vital stage that gives you an idea of what to expect. It will also assist you in determining which parts you can handle on your own and which ones need the services of a professional.

Determine how much money you have to work with and how much you're willing to spend. Find out how much it will cost to renovate, including the price of the materials and labor, as well as any required licenses for structural alterations. Don't forget to set aside funds for more flooring or tile if necessary.

For a low-cost remodel or renovation, a remodeling project budget might be as little as $5,000. Ultimately, the cost of your redesign will be determined by the scope of the work you want. Be aware of each feature's pricing and installation and/or labor costs before making a final decision.


Hiring a professional designer to create a plan for your next home renovation might be beneficial. Each of these elements is brought together by an artist, who makes a seamless whole. As a visual aid, 3D drawings from an interior designer may be a helpful tool for you and anybody else involved in your redesign.


Cost estimates alone should not be used to choose your contractors. The Better Business Bureau recommends against paying in full up advance to a trustworthy contractor. Having workers' compensation and liability insurance should be required for all contractors. Before starting a project with numerous contractors, decide who will control it.

Whether you hire a designer or do it yourself, you'll need a point person to oversee the project. The redesign and those who work on it are subject to your ultimate approval since you're the owner. It's important to remember that designers work with your vision and objectives while contractors and installers do the grunt work.


Consider when you'd want to begin the project and work backward from that date if you'd like to finish it by that time. Decide how much time each part of the project will take with your contractors. Decide which parts of the makeover can be performed simultaneously and which parts need to be finished first. Then determine how long each phase will take.


While construction is taking place in your house, you may or may not be able to stay there. If you're planning a whole home renovation, you might want to move out entirely for a short time. Organize a makeshift kitchen and dining area, and get rid of all your dishes and small appliances. Set up new sleeping arrangements and select a storage location for your stuff.

When you have a designer's vision for your home remodeling, your budget, and an idea of expenses in hand, you can begin planning and executing the project. The start date and a timeline for each phase of the renovation process should be established before work begins. It's best to hire a specialist to help plan the makeover so that everything happens in the proper sequence.


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