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8 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Smell

Updated: May 25, 2023

We always want to keep it clean and free from foul odor when it comes to our bathroom. But sometimes, a bad smell is hard to get rid of, even after cleaning the bathroom multiple times. Odors can emanate from the basin, tub, shower, or toilet and are frequently caused by trapped waste or releasing sewage gas, which must be handled promptly since this can cause pain. Sewerage gases represent a serious health danger to your family and must be addressed immediately.

Here are some of the reasons your bathroom smells, and find out if the cause needs fixing or cleaning service.

Shower Drain

Showering daily causes the production of sediment from dead skin cells, shower gels, and hair. These deposits clog the drain, generating unpleasant odors and slow water leaks. However, cleaning the sediments in the drain is a difficult task, so hire a professional instead.

Dry P-Trap

A dry P-trap is a U-shaped pipe that is used to catch and hold water. Depending on the cause of the dryness, dry P-traps might be complex or straightforward to repair. If you don't use your shower very often, the water may have just evaporated. If the stink persists, pour a quart of water down each drain, including the sink and toilet. Contact a professional plumber for an evaluation and repair for the most satisfactory outcomes.

Water Leaks in the Toilet

Your toilet may get damaged over time due to normal wear and tear. When the wax sealing at the base of your toilet becomes loose or minor fractures in your toilet bowl create water leaks which result in a dip in water levels in your toilet's P-trap, this is an excellent illustration. This can result in microscopic breaches that allow stinky sewage gas to flow into your bathroom.

Poorly Installed Pipes

If your pipe is clogged, it might be a cause of being poorly installed vent pipe, which causes to be the source of a persistent odor near your toilet. Vent pipes manage air pressure and send scents outside your property, preventing them from entering your home or bathroom. Sometimes contractors install vent pipes incorrectly, allowing smells to enter your bathroom.

Wax Ring

The wax ring at the bottom of your toilet is required because it seals the toilet bowl and the drain pipe. However, if the toilet bowl is not secured correctly, the wax ring might be ruined with time, which will cause the toilet may begin to leak, leaving you with water on the floor and an awful sewage odor.

Full Septic Tank

If your drainage system is connected to a septic tank in your complex and you detect a sewage odor in your bathroom, your septic tank may be full. When your septic tank is full, the sewage stench isn't the only thing you'll notice. You may see bubbling noises coming from the toilet and drains, and your bathroom may become slow.


Do you think one of these is the cause why your bathroom smells? Don't let it stay like that and ignore it; it is essential to call a professional service to fix the problems correctly; that's is why here at iTaskApp, we are one click away! Just head on to our website and book your service and free yourself from the harmful effects of the foul smell from your bathroom.


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