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7 Common Flawed Designs At Home

Updated: May 10, 2023

Trends and designs have always been a game-changer for our lives, whether about clothes, bags, cars, etc. But the most popular among these is our house designs. Good design doesn't have to be spectacular, it may be basic and utilitarian in its beauty, incorporating natural components, frequently a question of looking at things that are important to you separate from traditional conceptions, as well as what the concept of home means to you and your family.

But poor planning can lead to design faults; that is why we've compiled 7 standards, flawed designs that you might overlook in your house.


A well-designed home has "flow," which architects refer to like the ease with which you may move from one area to the next. Considering, if your visitors have to travel up a flight of stairs and down a hall to use the restroom, would this have an impact on your entertainment? Will it be as peaceful if your master bedroom is so near to the front of the house that you can hear every disturbance on the street?


Have you ever admired that one common element that unites a house? Perhaps all of the rooms have the same color scheme or angular lines. But it's all too easy to overdo it by matching everything and end up with a gaudy style. As a result, avoid clustering too many matching pieces together. And, if your primary theme is a specific design style, employ the same designs in various colors.

Undefined Spaces

Make sure you don't forget to designate spaces in an open-concept house. When gaps are left undefined, the end result may seem chaotic, leaving you with wasted areas. Separate the kitchen, living rooms, and bathroom with flooring, furniture, and cabinets. In this manner, you can keep the flow while ensuring that each area shines.

Too Much Storage

Unused cabinetry takes up valuable space in the home. Sometimes it's not a matter of having too much storage that you won't utilize, but of having too much of a storage kind that you don't require. For example, you may want additional wardrobe space for clothing yet have in-built living room cupboards that you do not use.

Spending too much on the wrong things

If you choose quality above style, it's typically okay to skimp on the items that aren't absolutely required. That's not to suggest you shouldn't indulge in semi-permanent fixtures for your property! The primary thing in this area is lavish décor - you want enough quality that your supports are robust, but any more frills may be superfluous. Don't go overboard with your spending!

HVAC Matters

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is ideally a humble, hardworking, and unnoticed component of the whole home. Poor HVAC planning can result in mold development due to too much moisture, white noise (or outright loud noise), and poor performance from an incorrectly sized unit. High ceilings, too many windows, few windows, and other design elements can add to heating and cooling costs.

Kitchen Disorganization

The kitchen's ability to meet the demands of those who use it may make or break a home purchase or remodeling decision. Many people struggle with deciding between an efficient, separate place specifically for cooking and an open layout for preparing and socializing. A 1946 research in the United States tallied women's actual steps to cook a meal and discovered that a "perfect arrangement" would result in a supper requiring just 70 steps.

Due to its small size and easy-to-clean materials, the Frankfurt kitchen (1926), an earlier German kitchen study of sorts, is a model of home efficiency. Today's kitchen is frequently a tiny, windowless place for food preparation or a vast, less efficient eat-in zone that incorporates the kitchen and dining rooms into the living spaces.


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