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2022: Trendy Furniture Pieces to Look Forward to

Updated: May 10, 2023

The year 2022 is rapidly approaching, which means it's time to start thinking about what will be popular in the next year. We began to go out into the world again, fortified by immunizations, as many aspects of everyday life began to return to routine. However, our houses remained the focus of our lives for many of us.

Many of this year's décor and design decisions were influenced by a need for safety and security. Experts predict that these motifs will continue to be popular in home design in 2022. We enlisted the help of several interior designers and industry experts to help us predict what trends we may expect to see this year.

Spruce has a wealth of information and inspiration to help you create the house of your dreams. Every month, they assist more than 32 million people in locating the knowledge they need to accomplish everything from retiling their bathroom to updating their home's design to planting a garden. According to ComScore, the Spruce brand is one of the top three most popular lifestyle websites. There are almost 14,000 pieces of material in their 20-year-old collection.

According to The Spruce, here are 9 furniture trends you should expect in 2022.

Curvaceous Lines

According to Kristin Bartone of Bartone Interiors, softly curved furniture will be trendy in 2022. From ultra-high-end to budget-friendly, "soft lines, arcs, and curves" were incorporated into furniture by "nearly every manufacturer," she says. According to Betty Brandolino, curvaceous lines are used in upholstery silhouettes in furniture design.

Textured Surfaces

According to Brandolino, nearly all of our vendors at High Point Market in October displayed textured textiles like boucles, tweeds, and crushed velvets. Caroline Brackett, the owner of Caroline Brackett Studio of Design, feels that "furry, nubby, or cuddly" textures are hot right now. "People are spending more time at home, which necessitates cozy furnishings."

Matte Metals

Matte or brushed black or stainless will be the recommended finishes for motion control or touchless faucets. Stainless, nickel, and pewter fixtures will be the most popular styles for the next two to three years, with less sheen and more matte finishes. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and fittings will be most prevalent in matte finishes, according to a leading industry expert Bill Darcy, chief executive officer of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Vintage Items

Brandolino predicts that vintage furniture will continue to be used in design in the future. To compete with mass-produced or catalog-purchased goods, younger customers are seeking alternatives. As a result, Kylie Bodiya, Bees Knees Interior Design owner, believes that old and modern may coexist. To put it another way, we're witnessing a trend toward classic, timeless designs, according to Bodiya.

Personality and Sentimentality

In the artist and photographer Gray Malin's opinion, the personal spaces of individuals will only become more prevalent in the future. He predicts that sentimental and sentimental items will find a new home. In addition, he predicts that "sentimentality" will become more apparent.

Investment Pieces

According to Malin, this year will increase people's incorporation of more formal and luxurious objects into their homes. There is a growing appreciation for the idea of spending more money on well-made, long-lasting items, according to her.

Escapist Artwork and Decorative Details

Malin predicts that people display artwork that takes them to specific locations and has an escapism factor. According to the narrator, "I believe. Generally, we'll see individuals start to make their homes seem like vacations." Designing the interiors of their homes will give them the impression that they are on vacation, whether it is to a favorite destination they have visited or a destination they have always dreamed of going to.

Wellness-Conscious Decor

As a result, TK Wismer, design director at appliance manufacturer CAFÉ, predicts that antimicrobial materials like copper will be popular in '22. In the expert's opinion, "bronze and copper should be employed in a range of applications, including lighting, furniture highlights, cabinet and door hardware, and cabinet hardware."

Minimalist Furnishings With a Geometric Twist

There is a growing trend in the house for reveal-and-conceal trends and semi-transparent materials, open grids, and mesh used in cabinets, furniture, and room dividers. "There has been a noticeable uptick in the popularity of cane designs in the last few years, and now we are seeing them evolve into more geometric repetitions and grids," she explains.


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