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Why you should get your hardwood floors refinished

You may prolong the life of your hardwood floors by refinishing them. Keeping feet clean daily and polishing them every few months is an excellent method to keep them looking their best. Wood floor refinishing is less expensive and better for the environment than a complete replacement. Refinishing your flooring might give your home a fresh appearance if you're bored of the present style.

How often should you refinish my floors?

A floor may be sanded anywhere from 4-6 times in its lifetime, depending on the thickness of the floor and the expertise of the flooring specialist. Refinishing hardwood floors every seven to ten years is a sufficient amount of time.

Signs that it's time to get your hardwood floors refinished

Major scratches and dents

Hardwood floors are prone to tiny dents and scratches, particularly if you have children or pets. The only way to eliminate the damage that has penetrated the poly coating is through strong sanding. Your flooring becomes more susceptible to water damage if they've been scratched.

Fading and discoloration

Wood flooring may get faded and discoloured after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Refinishing the floor near glass doors and windows can bring back the original colour and prevent further fading.

Water stains

The quickest and easiest way to avoid water damage is to wipe off the flooring immediately after they get stained. Hardwood floors may be stained by plumbing leaks, dripping air conditioners, and pet accidents. A refinishing job is necessary to show and preserve the wood underlying these unmistakable stains.


To restore smoothness and safety, sanding is the only option. This new surface should be protected for many years with a fresh coat of sealer. If you're afraid of getting splinters when walking barefoot on your hardwood floors, it's a sign that the sealer has worn away, and the wood underneath it has been harmed.


Floorboard cupping occurs when the edges of the boards bend downward in a concave form. In addition to spills and drips, dampness may also factor in this damage. If the cupping is slight, sanding will take care of it, but if any floorboards are standing up or splitting, you will have to replace them.

Gray floorboards

If your floors have become gray, it's likely because of water damage, not age-related patina. Floorboards that were formerly grey will seem new after refinishing, but those that have become black cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

When should I refinish my wood floors?

You may refinish your floors as long as the temperature in your house remains stable, between 65 and 75 degrees recommended, during the restoration process and the floor's cure period. Those who reside in humid climates may choose to postpone their plans until the humidity levels decrease. Many people leave home for long periods in the summer, making it an excellent opportunity to refinish the flooring.

Thanks to a team that combines expertise, enthusiasm, and reliability with iTaskApp, you'll get the floors you've always wanted. With dustless sanding and aqueous finishes, you can relax knowing that your hardwood floor makeover will cause your house the least amount of interruption. You can rest easy knowing that you're dealing with a qualified, trained specialist.





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