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When to book Pay per task

Updated: May 10, 2023

Let's say your bathroom floor is now in bad condition. Tiles are getting loose, brittle having hairline cracks, with molds and stains. You've concluded that the floor tiles in your house need to be changed after conducting a thorough inspection. What you're going to do is to book a service to fix your bathroom tiles.

Floor tiles may need to be replaced if there are any of the following symptoms:

Broken tile

When someone walks on or drops anything on a tile, a crack is formed, causing the tile to break. Tiles may be damaged by heavy furniture, such as a couch, chair, or table. Your home's value is also influenced by the condition of your kitchen's tiles.

Outdated tiles

Adding parquet flooring to your home is a low-cost method to make a big difference. Vinyl planks and laminates, two of the most popular modern flooring alternatives, are appealing and cost-effective. The timeless beauty of parquet flooring will last for many decades to come, thanks to its high resistance to wear and tear.

Incorrectly placed tiles

Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or living room, someone might be injured if they accidentally struck a loose or misplaced tile. While walking across the room, someone might drop an item on the floor and cause tiles that seem unstable to crumble swiftly. Tiles may be damaged and leaky because liquids like water reduce the retention of the material, leaving it fragile and easily harmed over time.

Scuff marks

Floor tiles in your living room or workplace may have faded from their original hue, as you've probably seen. The materials we utilize are the same as those used in shoes and furniture, so that's one factor. Indentations on the floor are caused by chairs and tables scratching the surface. Women's high heels or the table in the room might be to blame for some of these accidents.

Stains may be easily seen from a distance.

You're more likely to see stains with children and dogs on the floor. If you've tried everything to get the colors out of bed but have had no luck, it may be time to replace the tile. Unlike carpet, wood flooring has a higher stain resistance rating and is less prone to stains.

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The ideal task type for you is "Pay per Task" since these sorts of assignments often take a day or two to complete, depending on the size of the floor or the scope of the work. This is a fixed-priced service for doing a single or two prompt jobs. Then you will be asked to enter your zip code to get the initial appointment price set by our iTaskers. For first-time bookings, we offer a $25 discount that can be found on the Discount Club section of our platform.

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