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When interest rates drop, many Canadians are ready to spend big … eventually

A recent survey by Dye & Durham reveals that many Canadians are poised to make significant purchases if interest rates fall. Forty-two percent of respondents indicated they would consider big buys, such as homes or cars, following rate cuts. However, most are waiting for multiple reductions rather than acting on a single cut.

Currently, 38% of Canadians have delayed major purchases due to high rates. Only 4% plan to spend immediately after a rate cut, while 14% and 18% prefer waiting for a few or significant cuts, respectively.

Despite this cautious optimism, 65% of Canadians believe that rate cuts will improve their financial well-being, with many anticipating more affordable mortgages and better opportunities for home renovations.

The survey, which included over 1,500 participants, highlights a trend of restrained spending, indicating that while interest rate cuts are welcomed, Canadians will wait for substantial decreases before making major financial decisions.



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