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What you need to know when Removing your Home’s Old Carpet

To begin installing new flooring or carpet, you'll need to remove the old carpet from the floor. You can make a big difference in the look and feel of your house by replacing old carpet with new flooring. You may save money and time by learning to remove carpet independently, even if you hire a professional. A small fee usually added on top of the cost of installation may be levied by carpet installers who remove your old carpet. Learn how to properly remove carpet and what equipment and supplies you'll need.

What you need to have:

  • Utility knife

  • Crowbar

  • Pliers

  • Dust mask

  • Shop vacuum

  • Heavy work gloves

  • Floor scraper

  • Duck Tape

What you need to know:

Remove the furniture

It's essential that before you start working on your carpet, you should remove the furniture and other things out of the way. This is to avoid unnecessary happenings. Also, it will allow you to have full access to the place and work properly without interference.

Safety precautions

Wear a dust mask if you're working on an old carpet. Protective gloves should be used when cutting the carpet and handling tack strips to protect the hands from staples.

Was your carpet glued, stapled, or tacked?

It takes a lot of effort to pull up a carpet because of its size, weight, and bulk. If your carpet padding was attached using glue, you'd need to scrape it off with a scrubbing brush to remove the old adhesive. Another thing is the use of tack strips, thin strips of wood coated with hundreds of sharp nails, to secure the carpet to the floor. As soon as you take the carpet from these tacks, you'll need to remove the tack strips and the old carpet pad from the floor.

Start on the corner

Choosing a corner of your room and pulling up the carpet in that direction is the first step. This thin wood with nails or tacks is used for carpet installation. Using a utility knife, cut a tiny square off of the carpet's right-hand corner to free it from the rest of the room. After that, you can start ripping up the carpet by pulling on the larger section.