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What you need to know about OC Transpo's 'Shuttle Express' bus service

OTTAWA —In a bid to bolster its services during peak hours and support the ongoing operations of the LRT (Light Rail Transit), OC Transpo has launched the innovative "Shuttle Express" bus service. This new addition aims to accommodate commuters during periods of high demand and ensure a seamless travel experience, addressing the challenges posed by the ongoing single-car service on the Confederation Line.

The concept of the Shuttle Express draws inspiration from the successful implementation of the R1 Express, which previously operated during the offline periods of O-Train Line 1. With the LRT currently functioning with single-car service due to technical issues, OC Transpo has introduced this shuttle service as a strategic measure to provide efficient transportation options for the public.

The scope of the Shuttle Express service extends to two key routes: one connecting Blair Station to downtown and the other linking Tunney's Pasture Station to downtown. Operating during both morning and afternoon peak periods, these buses run every 10 minutes, ensuring a reliable and frequent option for commuters. The service hours for the Shuttle Express are as follows:

- **Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 9 a.m.:** Blair Station to downtown and Tunney's Pasture to downtown

- **Monday to Friday from 3 to 6 p.m.:** Downtown to Blair Station and Downtown to Tunney’s Pasture Station

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe views the Shuttle Express as a testament to OC Transpo's commitment to enhancing services based on valuable customer feedback. The service's popularity during the period of the LRT shutdown, coupled with the success of the R1 Express for east-end customers, underscores the necessity of such alternatives.

With around seven to ten dedicated buses assigned to the Shuttle Express, the service caters to the commuters' needs and presents a unique advantage. Despite the LRT's reduced speed during its relaunch, the Shuttle Express proved to be faster than the train, saving approximately five minutes of travel time between Blair and downtown. This time efficiency provides a viable option for Tunney's Pasture riders while also offering a reliable alternative for all commuters.

It's noteworthy that while OC Transpo introduces this new enhancement, the R1 Para Transpo service, introduced as a same-day booking alternative during the shutdown, is currently unavailable. Efforts are underway to address the high demand for same-day booking, underscoring OC Transpo's ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of its diverse customer base.

The ongoing challenges related to the Confederation Line's operational limitations are also being addressed. The line's original design was intended to accommodate double-car trains, but single-car service remains in place due to axle degradation on sharp curves. In response, new safety measures have been implemented, including the replacement of axles and adjustments to restraining rails, all aimed at ensuring the system's reliability and the safety of its passengers.

As OC Transpo continues its mission to provide sustainable and efficient transit services, the introduction of the Shuttle Express stands as a testament to the organization's adaptability and dedication to the needs of its ridership. With a focus on seamless travel experiences, the Shuttle Express offers a practical solution during times of peak demand and serves as a valuable complement to the ongoing operations of the Confederation Line.



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