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What To Do When Your Car Refuses To Start

Regarding car maintenance, only some individuals keep a tool kit in the trunk. If your automobile doesn't turn over, don't give up on it straight immediately. When your vehicle doesn't turn over, we have a list of things you may do to get it going. But none will address the underlying issue. Trying even one might get the vehicle moving.

If your car won't turn over, the problem is probably with the battery, the connections, the alternator, or the starter. It is only sometimes clear if a problem is with the battery or the alternator. Find out who to blame by following these steps!

1. Try using a starting fluid

If your car won't turn over because of a faulty ignition or because the engine is too cold, starting fluid may be able to help. This sprayable liquid contains an ephemeral chemical called "ether." Only when all other possible causes of engine failure have been eliminated should starting fluid be used because it masks underlying mechanical problems. Gardner suggests having your battery, starter, and alternator checked. A dead or frozen battery is a common cause of a car that won't start.

2. Try Swapping Relays

Turn the key to the "run" position without the radio and listen for a buzzing two-second noise. The sound you hear is the gasoline pump pressuring the injection system. If the fuel pump isn't making any noise, the relay or the pump itself is malfunctioning.

You should consult your owner's handbook or the legend on the fuse box lid to learn where the fuel pump relay is located. Lift the relay for the gas tank's fuel pump. Next, switch out the gasoline pump relay with another relay with the same component number. The plug should be inserted directly into the socket. Attempt to crank the engine after that.

3. Try Tapping on the Battery Terminals

If you're stuck with tools, you can only remove rust and corrosion from the battery connections. Even so, you may jiggle or otherwise shake the terminals around to see if it improves contact. If your vehicle doesn't start, try smacking the battery terminals with the heel of your foot to spin them around the battery post. Afterward, you may attempt to start the car.