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What iTaskApp as a Software can do for you?

Updated: May 10, 2023

iTaskApp has everything for you. We connect with our clients through our website and app. Are you curious about what our platform can offer you? Then keep on reading to find out more!

Create Task

So, let's say you want to create a task for your employees. What you're going to do is to log in to your iTaskApp acc, or open the app on your phone.

Options for Payment

What you're going to do is to create a task. To do this, you will need to find your task in our categories. There are three options for payment: "Pay per Task," "Pay per Hour," or "Free Quote," depending on whatever service you want them to do. The three task types are not always available in every situation.

  • Pay per Task: This is a one-to-two-minute exercise that must be completed for a cost that has been established.

  • Pay per Hour: The more chores you have, the more likely you are to hire an iTasker, and the fairer the hourly rate, the more likely you are to choose this alternative.

  • Free Quote: The customer will be able to connect with up to five iTaskers by posting here. To get a quotation, customers may pick one or all five.

To get the price for your task, you will be asked to provide your zip code. You will not be able to check the pricing in your region if you haven't registered with us, we need your zip code to narrow down the list of iTaskers (contactors) working in your area. Then you will be asked to complete other important details, like the Task details, as well as time and place

Automated Invoice

After the iTasker finished the task, iTaskApp will immediately send the client an invoice with every detail of the transaction. The invoice is computerised to avoid invoice problems.

Manage Workers

With this feature, you can track their iTasker's location through their GPS. As of now, this feature is still being developed.

Track Down Expenses

In this one, the manager can track the materials and tools their iTaskers used to do the job. The iTasker will put everything that he used on their iTaskApp account. Then iTaskApp will calculate everything and include it on the invoice.

Legal Safety and Security

Once the task is booked, the client will have a contract of agreement to avoid conflicts. Let's say, your client was not satisfied with the result of the task, then they can report this to iTaskApp, and then you will be the one to contact the contractor and inform them about the complaints.


For better booking and service experience, download iTaskApp now or visit our website for more service details and offers. At iTaskApp, you can register for free without any subscription fees!