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What is a ‘road licence agreement’ and do I need to care?

A "road licence agreement" is a legal document allowing property owners to use a section of the road that is technically owned by the city or municipality. This agreement is important if your property extends onto public land, like a driveway that partially crosses a sidewalk or road. Essentially, it grants you permission to use that part of the road without any legal trouble.

For homeowners, having a road licence agreement can be crucial. Without it, you could face issues if the city decides to reclaim that land or if you want to sell your property. Potential buyers might be hesitant if there is uncertainty about the legality of your driveway or other structures on public land.

It's important to note that these agreements usually come with a fee, and you might also be responsible for maintenance and liability. For example, if someone gets injured on the part of the road covered by your licence, you might be held responsible. This is why understanding the terms and conditions of a road licence agreement is essential for property owners.

In summary, if your property includes areas that extend onto public land, a road licence agreement ensures you have legal rights to use that space. It helps avoid potential legal issues and makes your property more attractive to future buyers. So, if you find that part of your property is on public land, it's worth looking into a road licence agreement to protect your interests.



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