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WestJet set to launch new fares for passengers with no carry-on

Calgary-based airline WestJet is set to introduce a new fare category for passengers who opt to travel without carry-on bags. This move, announced by CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech to a Calgary business audience, is part of the airline’s strategy to offer more budget-friendly options to travelers. The new fare is expected to launch in the coming weeks.

WestJet's new fare aims to attract cost-conscious passengers who are willing to travel lighter. By eliminating the need for overhead bin space, the airline can offer these tickets at a lower price. This change is part of a broader trend in the airline industry to unbundle fare structures. Airlines are increasingly providing cheaper base ticket prices while charging extra for various services such as seat selection, in-flight entertainment, refreshments, and baggage.

This approach comes with potential challenges. When airlines began charging for checked bags, many passengers started packing more into their carry-ons. Now, with this new fare, similar issues might arise, such as debates over what constitutes a "personal item" that fits under the seat.

Passengers should prepare for possible boarding delays as staff enforce these new rules. Defining and policing what counts as a small personal item could lead to confusion and disputes.

WestJet’s initiative reflects an ongoing effort to meet diverse customer needs and preferences while navigating the complexities of modern air travel. As the airline industry continues to evolve, passengers can expect more changes aimed at balancing cost and convenience.



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