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Western section of Queensway to re-open Monday morning following installation of pedestrian bridge

OTTAWA —Ottawa residents can rejoice as the Western section of Queensway, spanning from Woodroffe Avenue to Greenbank Road, is set to re-open on Monday at 5 a.m. [1]. The reopening comes after the successful installation of a new pedestrian bridge that promises enhanced connectivity and accessibility for commuters.

The highlight of this infrastructure upgrade is a state-of-the-art pedestrian bridge installed over Highway 417, providing convenient access to the future Queensview Station of the LRT's Stage 2 west extension from Baxter Road [1]. This bridge boasts a striking design with spans crossing both the highway and guide way, further adorned by a full glass enclosure upon its opening. Accessibility to the bridge will be available from Baxter Road and Queensview Station on Queensview Drive.

The timing of this reopening coincides with the readiness for service of Stage 2, a significant milestone in Ottawa's transit development [1]. The new Queensview Station, facilitated by the pedestrian bridge, is expected to facilitate smoother journeys and ease congestion on the road network.

The installation process of the pedestrian bridge required a closure of Highway 417 between Woodroffe Avenue and Greenbank Road during the weekend [2]. Crews worked diligently to place two pre-assembled steel spans that now fully enclose the bridge, providing a safe and weather-resistant passage for pedestrians crossing the highway.

This marks the second of three planned closures for construction work in the area [2]. Another closure is scheduled for the replacement of the Percy Street bridge in August, reflecting the city's dedication to enhancing its infrastructure and public transport network.

The introduction of this pedestrian bridge is a testament to the city's commitment to sustainable transportation and enhancing connectivity for residents [2]. By providing a link between the bustling Queensview LRT station and Baxter Road, commuters will enjoy improved access to key transportation hubs.

Residents and commuters can look forward to a seamless travel experience with the new pedestrian bridge, offering enhanced convenience and accessibility to public transit facilities [1]. This development is a significant step towards making Ottawa's public transportation system more efficient and commuter-friendly.




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