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Variable rate mortgages are the best bet to save you money after Bank of Canada cut

In light of the Bank of Canada's recent interest rate cut, many Canadians are finding that variable rate mortgages could be the most cost-effective choice. The Bank of Canada reduced its key interest rate, which directly impacts the prime rate used by lenders to set their variable mortgage rates. This move is expected to lead to lower borrowing costs for those with variable rate mortgages.

Experts believe that choosing a variable rate mortgage now could result in significant savings. Historically, variable rates tend to be lower than fixed rates, and they adjust in line with the central bank's rate changes. With the Bank of Canada signaling a series of potential rate cuts throughout the year, homeowners with variable rate mortgages might see their monthly payments decrease as interest rates drop.

Moreover, variable rate mortgages offer greater flexibility. They typically come with lower penalties for early repayment compared to fixed-rate mortgages, making them an attractive option for those who anticipate changes in their financial situation, such as moving or refinancing.

However, it's important to consider individual risk tolerance. While variable rates can save money when interest rates fall, they can also rise unexpectedly, increasing monthly payments. For those comfortable with this uncertainty, a variable rate mortgage can provide significant savings over time.

Overall, as the Bank of Canada continues to adjust its rates in response to economic conditions, variable rate mortgages are becoming an increasingly viable option for many Canadians looking to maximize their savings on home loans.

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