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Understanding Rooftop Safety | Canada Provincial Requirements

Rooftop Safety Requirements in Canada

Depending on where you live in Canada, there are different standards for roof safety. Protecting an unsafe roof may be made easier if these guidelines are followed. In June, we discussed Canada's many health and safety authorities in Canada and how they are split.

Following the Canada Workplace Health and Safety Requirements in My Workplace

When working for a corporation that falls within the federal government's purview in Canada, the answer is "yes." Since it is part of the US Department of Labor, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is governed by federal law. Canada's safety and health regulation system is segmented into many regions, each with its own set of responsibilities. Canada's provinces and territories have a standard set of rooftop safety rules. However, although not all standards in every location are exact, specific safety requirements are universal.

4 Rooftop Safety Products in Canada

  1. Managers of conference centers and industrial warehouses that need to enable temporary access to the rooftop for HVAC technicians and other staff from other departments might benefit from guardrail systems installed on the roof as "permanent obstacles.

  2. The use of roof opening guardrails HatchGuard may be used as a fall safety railing for commercial structures, architectural designs, and historic buildings that need to be brought up to code.

  3. Warning lines for the control zones: Helpful for personnel who need to do rooftop operations like installing or repairing HVAC systems. Tech-Flags are helpful.

  4. A railing on a roof-top platform: These custom-made crossovers provide a more secure means of traversing roof barriers for construction workers and HVAC specialists.

4 Steps to a Safer Roof

  1. Your province or territory's health and safety regulations should be familiarized.

  2. Make sure there are no fall dangers on your roof.

  3. Contact a firm specializing in rooftop safety and find out which products are best for your needs.

  4. Install the product as instructed. Some firms would even do the complete installation for you as a turnkey service.




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