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Toronto Real Estate Sees Fewest Sales In Decades, Record Condo Listings Canceled

Toronto's real estate market is experiencing a significant slowdown. The number of home sales in June reached a record low, with the city seeing the fewest sales in decades. This decline in sales is causing concern among both buyers and sellers. Many potential buyers are holding back, waiting to see if prices will drop further.

In addition to the drop in sales, there has been a surge in canceled condo listings. Many condo owners are choosing to take their properties off the market instead of selling them at lower prices. This trend is setting a new record for canceled listings in the city. Sellers are finding it difficult to get the prices they hoped for, leading to frustration and uncertainty.

Experts believe that rising interest rates and economic uncertainty are contributing to this slowdown. Higher borrowing costs are making it more expensive for buyers to finance their purchases, while fears about the economy are causing many to hesitate. This combination of factors is putting pressure on the market and making it hard for sales to pick up.

Despite the current challenges, some believe that the market will eventually stabilize. As the economy improves and interest rates settle, confidence may return to the real estate market. For now, however, Toronto's real estate sector is facing a tough time, with fewer sales and a growing number of canceled condo listings.



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