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Toronto condo sales plummet 28% in June as sales crash across all property types

Toronto's condo market took a big hit in June, with sales dropping by 28%. This sharp decline is part of a broader trend affecting all types of properties in the city. Many people are holding off on buying homes due to high prices and economic uncertainty.

Experts say that the drop in sales is due to a mix of factors. High interest rates and concerns about the economy are making people think twice before purchasing a home. Additionally, there are more condos available for sale now than before, which means buyers have more options and are less likely to rush into a purchase.

The decline in condo sales is also linked to changes in the rental market. As more people choose to rent instead of buy, the demand for condos is going down. This trend is expected to continue as long as renting remains a more affordable option for many.

Despite the drop in sales, real estate experts believe that the market will eventually recover. They suggest that lower interest rates and increased economic stability could help boost sales in the future. For now, however, Toronto's condo market is experiencing a significant slowdown.



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