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Too much screen time? | See what iPads can do to your kids

Updated: May 24, 2023

Electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our lives for both work and play. Our children have been exposed to various technologies, such as smartphones and tablets, very early. According to experts, using tablets for a long time each day might negatively affect a child's development.

More than seven and a half hours of entertainment media are consumed by children between the ages of 8 and 18, according to a survey by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation in 2010. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should restrict their children's access to electronic media. But it's not only kids who overuse screens; adults can, too.

Below are 5 negative effects of too many gadgets from Verywell Family, an award-winning resource for trustworthy, caring, and up-to-date information on pregnancy and parenting issues that are most important to you.

Behavior problems- Moreover, two hours of TV or computer usage a day increases a child's risk of developing emotional, social, and attention difficulties.
Educational problems: Children who use TVs in their beds do lower on academic tests in elementary school.

Obesity - Risk factors for obesity include spending too much time sitting, such as watching TV or playing video games.

Sleep problems - Many parents turn to television to help their children settle down before bed, but this might backfire. Computer displays disrupt the brain's circadian rhythms, which may cause sleeplessness.

Violence - When youngsters are exposed to violent television, movies, music, and video games regularly, they might develop a tolerance for it. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, kids may resort to violence in the future to resolve conflicts or copy violence they witness on television.

Parents are likely to worry about the long-term effects of their children spending so much time and energy on various electronic devices throughout a typical school day. You know that staring at a computer or smartphone for lengthy periods can dry and haze your eyes.

Balance is always good.

Not everything is as bad as it seems. In some ways, technology has made our lives better; in others, it has worsened our lives. In many ways, children's fascination with digital technology reflects that of many adults. What happens if you limit an adult's phone or tablet use?

Parents must assess the risks of their children being hooked to their electronics against the benefits of a technology-free existence. At times, these gadgets may be a godsend, allowing parents to take a much-needed respite or even shower. However, like with other beautiful things, overuse may negative impact. The most important factors are moderation and direction from the parent.

Parents who advise their children to stop using their electronic devices while constantly using them will be detected by their children. In today's tech-based environment, it's critical for both children and adults to maintain an excellent work-life balance.



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