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Tips on How to get your BnB rented?

Updated: May 16, 2023

As of September 2020, Airbnb will have 5.6 million listings in 220 countries and regions, making it the fastest-growing company in the sector since it was founded in 2008. In the end, many individuals who sign up are unhappy with the minimal number of reservations they get and give up on the notion entirely. Doing any of these 8 steps can help you increase your number of reservations on Airbnb.

1. Promote your Airbnb on Social Media

What distinguishes a particular Airbnb listing from all the others? As a result of a backstory, Social media is a great place to display amazing photographs of the inside of your house. Follow up with photos and short descriptions of local companies that you appreciate. You'll attract guests looking for a certain kind of experience to your social media story if you tell it well.

2. Hire a Journalist or Lifestyle Blogger to Write About your Airbnb

It's possible to get a lot of attention from lifestyle bloggers and journalists. To get their attention, make a generous offer to let them stay for free on your property. As long as your Airbnb listing receives a high number of ratings, they are more than likely to do this. Airbnb Superhost status is a plus, but you don't need to have it yet.

3. Creating a Unique URL

This option is best for those who want to market their Airbnb property with distinctive features like its location or architecture. In addition to making it more straightforward for visitors to remember your Airbnb listing's URL, this enables monitoring traffic to it more manageable. Instead of using a vanity URL, buy a domain name that points to your Airbnb property instead. All you need is a domain name that's simple to remember and share with prospective visitors to get started.

4. Response Time

To provide your visitors with the most excellent possible service and decrease the likelihood of booking someplace else, you must respond swiftly to any customer inquiries. Preparing replies in advance may save time when replying to questions from potential visitors.

5. Vacation Rental Forums and Tourism Websites

There are several benefits to joining vacation rental forums, such as networking with other Airbnb owners and discussing a range of topics. Staying involved in the Airbnb community will allow your other hosts to keep an eye out for you and perhaps refer some guests your way. As a result, you should focus on establishing your trustworthiness, hoping that other hosts would recommend you.

Make sure your Airbnb units are listed on local tourist websites, much like hotels and hostels. These are reliable sources of information for tourists from out of town. The more people know about you, the more bookings you'll receive.

6. Do the Old School

Offline methods of promoting your Airbnb listing shouldn't be overlooked while searching for a new place to rent. Put out flyers and business cards at local businesses that visitors frequent, such as restaurants and festivals, to get your name out there. You should hand out business cards to individuals you meet while you travel so that they may contact you about staying at your Airbnb home.

7. Catching your Client's Attention with Good Offers

Your visitors will appreciate the effort you put into making them feel appreciated. Reward your visitors by giving a 10 percent discount on their next visit if they bring along one of their friends or coworkers. Also, if they intend to return, you may give them a discount or provide them other benefits.

8. Have your Captured Photos Sent to Design Blogs

Real estate and interior design websites are continuously looking for new material. This is a terrific way to get more attention for your house if it has a unique design element. Your Airbnb listing will rise in search engine results due to the backlinks from these other websites.

It's essential to remember that organic exposure is typically more successful than paid advertising when promoting your Airbnb property. Search for smaller real estate businesses with blogs since they are more likely to be open to your idea. Having a property that goes viral might result in a lot of reservations. Be ready to cope with the additional traffic when it does occur.

The nature of the short-term home rental business has been drastically impacted by Airbnb. Having numerous Airbnb listings may bring in five or six figures in yearly earnings for hosts, who can earn additional money by renting out their properties. Before receiving their first review, Airbnb gives new hosts a chance to rise in the rankings for a short period.


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