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Tips For Improving Gas Mileage

The cost of maintaining and operating a vehicle is an integral part of automotive ownership and use. The amount of money spent on petrol is one of the most malleable expenses for a motorist. When a car is built, estimated gas mileage is provided. You may want to modify your vehicle to get better gas economy.

Increasing a vehicle's fuel efficiency helps owners' wallets and Mother Nature. The most effective way to reduce individual gas use is to reduce driving. The distance you can go on a single tank of gas depends on how well you plan your route and how consistently you stick to the speed limit.

1. Take it easy and drive safely.

Aggressive driving decreases gas economy by an estimated 15-30% at highway speeds and 10-40% in stop-and-go traffic, according to Once you go beyond 55 miles per gallon, fuel economy starts to plummet significantly. Don't slam on the brakes or floor the accelerator; instead, utilize defensive driving techniques like cruise control.

2. Always maintain the correct tire pressure.

When tires are underinflated by only one psi, the gas economy may decline by 0.4 percent. The road surface is most conducive to safe driving when the tires are adequately inflated. Manufacturers strive to provide a solid grip on the road while enabling it to not slow the car down. Therefore, the tire's amount of wear may also significantly impact.

3. Lose those extra pounds.

There's a good chance you should sort through the stuff in your trunk. Saving gasoline is as simple as decreasing the amount of weight in your car. Besides the apparent benefit to gas efficiency, reducing your vehicle's speed also has a calming effect on the engine and the braking system.

4. Make sure the AC is turned off.

When the temperature outside is high, turning on the air conditioner may reduce gas mileage by more than 25%. You may use sunshades to shield the interior from the sun and maintain a more comfortable temperature in the vehicle when driving throughout the day. If you want to save gas, roll down your windows when you start your car and leave them that way until you get up to at least 45 or 55 miles per hour.