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Tiling Designs you can do on your Bathroom

Remodelling your bathroom is just as fun as remodelling your bedroom. Picking out the perfect shades of colour paints, new ornaments, designs, and shelves is thrilling and makes you want to start remodelling. The tile selection is one of the most exciting aspects of a bathroom makeover. To get the most out of your bathroom's tile. On this collection of bathroom tile ideas, you'll also find lots of creative inspiration. The white, bright, and airy styles are timeless, but if you prefer something slicker and moodier, these tiles are a good choice.

These tips are from House Beautiful, an organisation focusing on lifestyle and design.

Different Shapes

The geometric tile pattern may be used on a single wall or a single floor, depending on the color scheme. Additionally, they're a one-of-a-kind addition to your house that adds a touch of modernity. Colorful subway tiles on the wall and a diamond-like pattern on the floor give this bathroom a vivacious vibe. Designer Kureck Jones has a great sense of humor, which he uses to significant effect while working with tiles.

Shower as The Center of Attention

You may go big or basic in the shower, depending on your own preference. With a striking floor design and more subdued patterns on the walls and flooring outside the shower, Heidi Cailier created a statement. Alternatively, Meredith McBrearty's elegant bathroom has off-white painted shiplap walls and a charming patterned floor tile.

Honeycomb or Hexagon

The honeycomb tile pattern is a popular choice for bathroom tiling and comes in various sizes and colors. You may use them on the floor or as a backsplash with their versatility. Hexagonal gray-brown hexagonal floor tiles were chosen by Heidi Caillier, who paired them with an antique floral theme runner for a dash of color.

Be Bold and Think Outside the Box