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Tiles Stone designs to level up your home

With natural and cultured stone tiles, contemporary interiors can be brought to life with incredible depth and dimension. A few of the many options for flooring and wall design include slate cladding, ledge stone veneers, crazy paving stones, slate flooring tiles, flagstone, and roof slate. With texture, you may add depth and uniqueness to your home's appearance and the interior décor.

Stones tiles for kitchen backsplash

Natural stone walls are a fantastic way to bring the outside in since they are organic raw materials. An excellent focal point and rustic warmth may be achieved by using stone in your kitchen. Using natural stones may add pattern and texture to your design while keeping the colour palette simple.

Go for an optical illusion

The butt-edged installation of honed, filled, and honed travertine tiles like this one, like the Yauri, gives the floor a distinctive look. The stone's long grain resembles petrified wood, resulting in a natural floor with many personalities and aesthetic appeal.

Bardiglio: a tool for enhancing colour

For centuries, Carrara's Bardiglio marble has been the most sought-after stone globally, and it's still going strong today. Bardiglio's deep gray with a white vein instead of a white stone with gray veins creates an arresting contrast. The stone floor in this bathroom is arranged in a herringbone pattern that accentuates the veins.

Honeycomb tiles

In the tile world, honeycomb or hexagon tiles are among the most popular. Installing 4, 6, or 8-inch honeycomb tiles instead of painting your bathroom walls may transform its look and feel. To improve the look of your bathroom, you can do a tile-only project, or a whole bathroom remodel.

Stone pathway and patio

Even if you're only looking to improve the look of your front yard, a lovely tile walkway is an excellent choice. You may choose from a wide variety of ceramic, concrete, decking, and granite tiles and interlocking plastic tiles, limestone, porcelain, quarry, rubber, sandstone, soapstone, and travertine tiles. When it comes to constructing a patio, homeowners are often faced with whether to choose wood or stone. The popularity of stone patios is on the rise, yet both have their advantages. While they may be a bit of a hefty weight, stone patios are low-maintenance and eco-friendly. In addition to increasing the value of your home, they are available in various designs and styles.

Outdoor living areas, exteriors, and interiors alike may benefit significantly from the beautiful textures that natural and cultured stone tile patterns can provide. No other stone tile has the colour and texture combinations seen in slate and quartzite stone. Natural and cultured stone tiles may be used in various ways to enhance the interior design of a space, as seen in the following collection of stunning room makeovers.


People have been drawn to stone floors for generations because of their beauty and durability. The minerals and crystals that make up the stone vary in number and arrangement, making each piece of stone tile unique and attractive.




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