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Things General Contractors can and cannot Do

Updated: May 16, 2023

A general contractor is a person or organization that hires all of a project's subcontractors and vendors. Using its own resources, a person, company, organization, or other commercial entity does or supervises a portion of the task in question. The principal contractor with statutory responsibility for building, improving, or renovating the project is a general contractor.

Floors and shelves may be installed, but changing plumbing lines, mechanical work, or lifting walls need a municipal construction permit, which a standard contractor or restructurer does not have. Only a licensed general contractor may embark on large-scale projects when building permits are available. Cities demand building permits to protect the structure's integrity and the health of its residents.


General Contractors are responsible for putting into action the plan of the HOMEOWNER.

A homeowner creates the design in layman's terms while a general contractor implements it.

The general contractor, on occasion, offers more thorough design-build services than is often the case. The contractor is in charge of overseeing every facet of the job.

A good general contractor should be well-versed in the many types of construction materials available.

Other advantages include access to qualified craftspeople and knowledge of efficient systems. This will help the homeowner to find good materials at a reasonable price.

Many general contractors also can do site upgrades.

The architects, engineers, and landscape architects all had a hand in creating the site plan, which combines their contributions. The contractor is responsible for putting the plan into action. In some instances, the general contractor may provide in-house design services.

Renovation and remodeling services are offered by specific contractors.

They need to provide the trade skills required for cost-effective and excellent-quality projects. Eco-friendly designs, improved wireless connection, and energy-saving technology may be included.


Not Appropriately Licensed

Unless the prime contract needs at least two unrelated construction skills or crafts, a general building contractor cannot accept an excellent agreement for any project requiring trades other than framing or carpentry. The contractor must be appropriately licensed to carry out the job, either directly or via a subcontractor.

Not Following the Building Code

For a general construction contractor to accept a subcontract involving trades other than framing or carpentry, at least two unrelated transactions or crafts other than those listed in Section 2(b) of the Building Code must be involved.

Certain Project Prohibition

As stated in Section 13750.5 of the Water Code, general construction contractors are prohibited from bidding on any project that contains a fire prevention system or "C-57" well-drilling classification.


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