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They found peace in this Scarborough home for 60 years. He loved the sauna, she loved the ravine. How much would you pay for this semi-detached?

A Scarborough couple found peace and happiness in their semi-detached home for 60 years. The husband loved spending time in the sauna, while the wife cherished the serene ravine behind the house. This home became their sanctuary, offering comfort and tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Over the years, the couple enjoyed many memories in this home. The sauna was a favorite spot for relaxation and unwinding after long days. The ravine provided a beautiful natural escape, perfect for quiet walks and enjoying the changing seasons. This unique combination of features made the home a special place for them.

Now, this beloved semi-detached home is on the market, and potential buyers are wondering how much they would pay for such a cherished property. The house not only offers practical living space but also has a story and character that add to its value. The peaceful surroundings and unique amenities make it a rare find in the area.

As buyers consider their options, they must weigh the home's sentimental value against its market price. For the couple, it was priceless, but in the competitive real estate market, the final sale price will depend on how much others are willing to pay to enjoy the same peace and tranquility.

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