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There's another Highway 417 closure coming Thursday

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

OTTAWA —Ottawa commuters should prepare for another closure on Highway 417 as the Ministry of Transportation Ontario gears up for a rapid bridge replacement project. Starting from 8:00 PM on Thursday, August 10, until around 6:00 AM on Monday, August 14, sections of the highway will be closed to facilitate the replacement of the Percy Street bridge.

The upcoming closure will affect both eastbound and westbound lanes on Highway 417. Specifically, the eastbound lanes between Carling Avenue/Kirkwood Avenue and Metcalfe Street will be closed, as will the westbound lanes between Metcalfe Street/Catherine Street and Bronson Avenue. This comprehensive closure is a necessary step to expedite the bridge replacement process.

Lane reductions and ramp closures are scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM on August 10 to accommodate the closure. By 8:00 PM, the full highway closure will be in effect, resulting in the complete closure of the specified sections. Notably, several access ramps will also be closed during this period. These include westbound ramps such as O'Connor and Lyon (ongoing) and eastbound ramps including Maitland, Carling, and Parkdale.

For commuters navigating through the affected areas, designated detours have been established. Westbound commuters are advised to exit at Metcalfe Street/Catherine Street and continue west on Catherine Street before taking the 417 Bronson westbound access ramp. Similarly, eastbound travelers should exit at Carling Avenue/Kirkwood Avenue, proceed east on Carling Avenue, turn right onto Bronson Avenue, and then take the ramp to eastbound Riverside Drive before reaching the 417 Riverside eastbound access ramp.

Ottawa residents are encouraged to stay informed about the closure and associated detours through various channels. They can find updates on the closure and any potential changes through OC Transpo's official website,, or by contacting 613-560-5000. OC Transpo's Twitter account will provide real-time information about the closure and related transit adjustments.

The upcoming bridge replacement on Highway 417 is part of the ongoing efforts to enhance and maintain the city's infrastructure. This closure follows similar recent closures for bridge replacements, including the Bronson Avenue bridge. With the successful use of rapid-replacement technology and diligent construction efforts, the Percy Street bridge replacement is expected to be completed on time.

As Ottawa continues to prioritize infrastructure improvements, residents are advised to plan their routes accordingly and stay updated on any developments that may affect their commute during this temporary closure.





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