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TC Energy reports $1.46B Q4 profit, raises quarterly dividend

TC Energy Corp. has announced a robust financial performance for the fourth quarter, reporting a profit of $1.46 billion. The pipeline operator is not only celebrating its impressive earnings but has also decided to share the success with its investors by increasing the quarterly dividend.

Shareholders will now receive a quarterly dividend of 96 cents per share, marking a notable uptick from the previous 93 cents per share. This dividend boost aligns with TC Energy's commitment to rewarding its investors as a token of appreciation for their continued support.

The Q4 profit translates to $1.41 per share for the period ending on December 31. This positive financial outcome stands in stark contrast to the same quarter in the previous year when TC Energy incurred a loss of $1.45 billion or $1.42 per share. The significant loss in the last quarter of 2022 was primarily attributed to a substantial one-time charge linked to escalating costs at the Coastal GasLink project.

In terms of comparable earnings per share, TC Energy recorded $1.35 in the latest quarter, showcasing a considerable improvement from the $1.11 per share reported in the corresponding period a year earlier. This upward trajectory in comparable earnings underlines the company's ability to navigate challenges and enhance its financial performance over time.

The revenue for the fourth quarter reached $4.24 billion, marking an increase from $4.04 billion in the same period in 2022. This growth in revenue highlights TC Energy's resilience and effectiveness in managing its operations amidst a dynamic economic landscape.

The positive financial results and the subsequent dividend increase reflect TC Energy's strategic financial management and its dedication to delivering value to its shareholders. The company's decision to reward investors with a higher dividend is a testament to its confidence in its financial stability and future prospects.

As TC Energy continues to navigate the complexities of the energy sector, these strong financial indicators position the company well for sustained growth and success. The increased dividend not only serves as a financial incentive for current investors but also makes TC Energy an attractive option for potential shareholders seeking stable returns.

In summary, TC Energy Corp.'s fourth-quarter profit of $1.46 billion, accompanied by an increase in the quarterly dividend to 96 cents per share, reflects a robust financial performance and underscores the company's commitment to shareholder value. The positive trajectory in earnings and revenue bodes well for TC Energy's position in the energy sector, solidifying its reputation as a financially sound and investor-friendly entity.