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Tasks you should book to prepare you for New Year's Eve

Updated: May 10, 2023

On New Year's Day, it might be hard to resist the temptation to do nothing at all. New healthy behaviors may be started now, as well. Cleaning out your bedroom closet or organizing your linen closet is a great way to start the new year. To get some "me time," take a long bath or organize a movie marathon.

This time of year, it's even more important to enlist the help of a handyman because of the hazards of doing everything alone. If you own or reside in a house, you know that the list is constantly expanding and evolving. There is a sense that these tasks will never be completed unless you devote all of your free time to them.

As a result, we've devised a list of jobs you can pre-order to help you get ready for New Year's Eve.

Electrical General Repairs

Maintaining your home's electrical systems ensures that they work smoothly and safely, protecting you and your family from a variety of potential dangers. Most, if not all, homeowners care deeply about the safety of their homes.

Light Fixtures

Remodeling a space to meet the tastes of its owner is a common goal of home renovation projects. A typical purpose for replacing a light fixture is to brighten the room. The best approach to get the brightness you want is to alter the light fixture and the bulbs. The new institutions can be installed by a handyman in a matter of minutes!

HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance and check-ups are essential for ensuring that this system functions properly during the whole season. With their expertise but lower costs than complete HVAC companies, a handyman service firm is ideal for this task. Your computer will function more smoothly with their help since they can readily identify what is working and what is not.

New Wall Paint

With a fresh coat of paint, you can reduce the weight of your home's structural integrity by keeping moisture out. Quality paint may help keep your house clean by repelling dirt, dust, and allergies.

Feng shui uses color as a powerful tool to alter your house's energy in simple and effective ways. As a highly visual species, we humans may be profoundly affected by and awakened by the power of color. It is possible to employ color as a catalyst for positive change and rebirth in our homes and workplaces. With a fresh coat of paint or a new piece of art or accessory, you can instantly transform the mood of a room with the addition of color.

Flooring Service

Because the floor occupies so much area in a room, it hugely influences the overall look. Change the flooring if you want to transform the aesthetic of a space. Make your room seem more luxurious and cozy with flooring that quickly changes its temperature and ambiance.

General House Cleaning

Several family rites of passage have been passed down for centuries. One typical custom is to do a thorough cleaning of the home the day before New Year's Eve or the day before. Some people think that if you don't get rid of anything, you'll lose stuff in the new year. Some people believe that all cleaning tools, including brooms and brushes, should be put away after the job is done to prevent washing or sweeping away your good fortune. All trash and garbage should be emptied out of the rear door during the Chinese New Year.

This also implies that you won't have to wash your clothing. It's a metaphor for erasing the bad memories from your life. Breaking glass or mirrors on New Year's Day is terrible luck because of the widespread belief that it brings bad luck.

Landscaping Service

It is possible to conserve and maintain the environment via landscaping. Healthy green areas are maintained by using native plants, a lack of artificial fertilizers, and attention to environmental issues.

Garden design and landscaping incorporating Feng Shui principles create open areas with shrubs, tiny plants, and flowers that enable unrestricted life force movement. Avoid putting giant trees near the front entrance of your home. Simple, open, and inviting designs for a Feng Shui garden are ideal.

Smart Appliances Installation

The number of smart appliances in people's homes is increasing at an accelerating rate throughout the globe. Our lives have never been simpler with intelligent thermostats, camera-equipped doorbells, and virtual assistance. Like an intelligent doorbell, some of these gadgets may need some installation work to be permanently installed. All of your installation and setup might be done by a handyman.

Whether you have a to-do list for housework or a new year's resolve, don't forget to set aside some time for gratitude and reflection with family and friends, or even a handwritten message to a special someone. Cheers!


If you need a helping hand for your task for this upcoming new year, then head on to iTaskApp now! We offer a variety of home services. So download our app now or visit our website for more information!

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